The must-have beauty bible for the skin-savvy reader.

While you may know it’s important to look after your skin, do you really know what’s in the products you use? If you’re confused by the vast amount of skincare available, you are not alone! We are exposed to a plethora of beauty products all claiming to be the answer to flawless, youthful skin. But, unless you’re a skincare specialist, how can you know what actually works?

Say hello to Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide To Beautiful Skin – your new skincare saviour! Terri Vinson, author and leading skincare specialist behind renowned Australian-made laboratory synthesised cosmeceutical and makeup brand Synergie Skin, has just released the beauty-bible guide to skincare. Skinformation provides you with helpful facts and clarity to the confusing world of beauty.

The flood of beauty products available can baffle even the most passionate of skincare lovers, and Skinformation is your guide to the science behind it all.

“I wrote Skinformation as the ultimate go-to bible for the skin-savvy reader” Terri says. “As an educator, I want you to learn the science of skin and cut-out the products that don’t serve you.”

As the founder of Australian skincare company Synergie Skin, Terri has dedicated her life to educating her clients about the benefits of quality skincare. Skinformation is intended to be your personal fun and quirky guide to better skin and health.

“I want to empower you to make your own smart skin choices so you can feel true skin confidence from the inside out.”

The vast array of beauty products available can seem daunting, and Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide To Beautiful Skin covers all the factors you should consider before choosing a skincare routine.

From basic skin biology and the dangers of hidden product ingredients to the pain of teen acne or finding an anti-ageing serum that actually works – Skinformation has got your back! With over 20 years of experience in formulating and perfecting skincare formulas, Terri’s goal is to provide her beauty enthusiast readers with a light-hearted take on the science of skincare and beauty products.

After developing the Synergie Skin brand, still today Terri’s goal is to provide beauty lovers with a transparent, no-nonsense skincare source. With the trademark “Clean Science’ philosophy, Synergie Skin uses clinical data to create high-quality beauty products.

With everything from cleansers to exfoliants available, we highly recommend Synergie Skin’s most popular products; the Vitamin B serum and ÜberZinc moisturiser.

Working to rejuvenate and strengthen your skin, the Vitamin B serum contains 13% niacinamide, a component that Terri swears is essential for maintaining a glowy complexion.

“Niacinamide teaches your skin to make more of its own moisture… creating a luminous complexion and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.”

Otherwise, for a product suitable for all skin types, the deeply hydrating and non-greasy formula behind the UberZinc Moisturiser – an ultimate moisturising sunscreen that’s perfect for everyday wear. It contains green tea extract, an ingredient clinically proven to reduce skin damage, and sweet orange pure essential oil to keep your skin smooth and smelling sweet.

To discover more of Synergie Skin’s award-winning products, head to the website. Or, to flick through Terri’s very own beauty bible, Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide To Beautiful Skin is available to purchase online now.

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Synergie Skin. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership. This article does contain affiliate links which allow us to make revenue off some purchases made by our readers.
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