Ah Aussies, we’re a laid back, cocktail loving bunch, aren’t we? 

So much so that we love nothing more than a bevvy (or two), even in the highly controversial can form.

But forget the true-blue whisky and cola, we’re talking about a sensational pre-mixed cocktail that tastes as if it’s been made by a bartender in our own home — how good would that be?

Enter Curatif.

Not only are they recent Double Gold winners of the SIP Awards, but they now deliver their canned-take on cocktail classics, straight to your door.

Curatif’s The Club is a carefully curated subscription cocktail program which sees members receiving four cocktails with complimentary delivery to anywhere in Australia on a monthly basis. Within the much-anticipated box, you’ll find four premium drinks as well as cocktail cards that illuminate the history of the beverage. More often than not, the backstory of a cocktail is a wild, barely truthful anecdote concocted by bartenders in the middle of the night, amended often to include (or remove) scandalous details, that then has to be pieced back together by detective historians to attempt to reveal what actually happened on that fateful night that this libation first came to life…

On top of that, the Curatif team is working with amazing distilleries and producers to create truly exciting and interesting cocktail concoctions, including the Decaffeinated Espresso Martini (Seven Seeds Decaffeinated Coffee and Archie Rose Original Vodka) and a Plantation Rum Hurricane (Plantation Three Star and Original Dark with real passionfruit). Each month Curatif will be heroing the best cocktail craft with drinks that are exclusive to Club Members. Boxes range between $40 – $45 each, dependent on your subscription length.

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Feature image supplied. Image by XO Studios