With the Easter bunny long gone, it’s time to do something about the leftover chocolate eggs living rent-free in your pantry!

Feeling like you can’t possibly have another single Easter egg? We’ve all been there. It’s the only problem we all wish we had. Fret not, our ideas guide to 10 easy ways on how to use up all your leftover Easter chocolate eggs are sure to keep you from helplessly chipping away at your stash—and no, they don’t involve hoarding them for Halloween trick-or-treaters.

<strong>1.</strong> Make chocolate dipped strawberries
Photographed by Michaela Warthen. Image via Shuttertock.

1. Make chocolate dipped strawberries

Nothing sings ‘timeless’ as much as these delicious treats. They’re a lavish touch for a date night in, and make for a perfect gift for just about any special occasion! Although they can be rather expensive store-bought, these bite-sized desserts are cheap and easy to make at home. Spare 20 minutes, and you’ll have a crunchy shell with a cool, sweet centre to enjoy to your heart’s desire. Just make sure that the strawberries are completely dry before dipping them in melted chocolate for the best results!

<strong>2.</strong> Pop them on a grazing board
Photographed by Nelli Syrotynska. Image via Shutterstock.

2. Pop them on a grazing board

Things are still looking pretty grazy in 2021—and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Grazing boards make for a delectable blend of crackers, cheese, cured meats and fresh produce. What’s more, they give even the pickiest of eaters something to nibble on, and you don’t have to be a total connoisseur to put one together! So for the next gathering you’re hosting, jump on board and treat your guests to the finer things in life…just swap out a handful of nuts or berries for some chocolate—no one’s going to notice, right?

<strong>3.</strong> Grate on yoghurt for a healthy(ish) snack
Photographed by Anto Meneghini. Image via Unsplash.

3. Grate on yoghurt for a healthy(ish) snack

Who doesn’t love a yoghurt cup with layers of fruit and granola? It’s a perfect on-the-go breakfast for busy mornings, a quick midday pick-me-up and a guilt-free dessert. Just imagine digging your spoon to the bottom, and getting the refreshing coolness of yoghurt, the sweetness of fruit and the crunch of granola in a single bite. Now imagine that topped with bits of chocolate. Need we say more?

<strong>4.</strong> Drizzle them over pancakes
Photographed by Yulia Khlebnikova. Image via Unsplash.

4. Drizzle them over pancakes

There’s something magical about pancakes on a Sunday. Load them up with fresh berries, drench them in maple syrup or, do both — we don’t think there’s a wrong way of doing it, but we can tell you chocolate does make everything better! So take things up a notch this weekend and try these buttermilk pancakes with melted Easter chocolate drizzled over them. Repeat with leftover pancakes on Monday morning for an epic start to the week.

<strong>5.</strong> Make chocolate covered spoons
Photographed by Barbara Neveu. Image via Shutterstock.

5. Make chocolate covered spoons

Who said eating leftover Easter chocolate couldn’t help save the planet? With these chocolate-dipped spoons, you could upcycle your long-forgotten cutlery or go thrift shopping for some! Now there’s a good cause for a shopping spree. Melt some chocolate, dip your spoon of choice, sprinkle with preferred topping and voila! You’re ready to enjoy life one spoonful of chocolate at a time. These make for decadent gifting, are classy additions to parties and lend a lush lift to your coffee and hot chocolate rituals.

<strong>6.</strong> Chocolate coat those pretzels
Photographed by Brent Hofacker. Image via Shutterstock.

6. Chocolate coat those pretzels

Pretzels. The scent of a bygone childhood. Add a sweet touch to the reminiscent saltiness and crunch of these treats and let your tastebuds travel back in time. These salty-sweet twists of goodness take minutes to make and are also the perfect movie night snacks. They also make thoughtful gifts and can be dressed up with toppings to suit any party and holiday season. Reader discretion is advised—they have a way of creeping into emergency snack stashes and are dangerously moreish.

<strong>7.</strong> Make chocolate-coated cake truffles or cake pops
Photographed by EugeniaSh. Image via Shutterstock.

7. Make chocolate-coated cake truffles or cake pops

Stuck in another unlikely food situation and have some leftover cake? Well, treat it! Shape them into truffles and dip them in chocolate. Better yet, pop them on a treat stick to make them cake pops. Cake pops or truffles are not only a perfect way of avoiding food waste, but an impressive addition to any dessert table, an innovative approach to gifting and a good way of having those curious little hands on deck and involving them in the goings-on of the kitchen! They are a (delicious) triple whammy of cake, icing and chocolate, but their bite-size helps them get away with it.

<strong>8.</strong> Bake choc chip cookies
Photographed by Alexeysun. Image via Shutterstock.

8. Bake choc chip cookies

Tell us something else that resonates this well with people from all walks of life. It’s okay, we’ll wait… Time’s up! If all you could think of was whether you’d dunk this chewy goodness in milk or tea (or both), it’s time to make a batch of these Stuffed Easter Bunny Chocolate Cookies!

<strong>9.</strong> Make chocolate S’mores
Photographed by Olga Miltsova. Image via Shutterstock.

9. Make chocolate S’mores

Already dreaming of cosy fireplaces and toasty campfires? Why not take your tastebuds travelling and give these iconic American camp treats an Aussie crack? We hear Digestives are a pretty good alternative to graham crackers, so grab some marshmallows and that leftover Easter chocolate stash—we’re going to beat the approaching winter blues!

<strong>10.</strong> Pop them in your coffee or hot chocolate
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10. Pop them in your coffee or hot chocolate

Now there are more sophisticated ways of executing a mocha, but let’s face it; most of us don’t have time for that on a busy morning. So makeshift or not, stir that chocolate into your coffee for a much-needed oomph to a bland cuppa at work! Or, better yet, pop a block (or two) into your hot chocolate and snuggle up under a throw on the couch with your favourite show or book—the calories don’t count if you can’t see it anyway, right?

Keen on finding more ways to use all the chocolate sitting around? Why not indulge in Peter Gilmore’s Decadent Chocolate Mousse, or add a healthy spin to your post-Easter chocolate adventures and try your hand at Leah Itsines’ Healthy Plant-Based Strawberry Chocolate Tart!

Feature Image: Photographed by Ink Drop. Image via Shutterstock.