A staple to any cooking knowledge bank – and the way to any girls heart.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, pescatarian, coeliac or whatever form of ‘free’ eater – one thing we eaters can globally agree on is pancakes. (Sorry ‘Carb Free’, avert your gaze)

Luckily for all food lovers, the lovely humans at Upper East Side in Bondi have shared their mega-mind-blowing Buttermilk Pancake recipe.
See below for potentially relationship-saving, argument-saving (even though you’re right…), life-saving pancakes.

To kick it off 


200g Flour
2tbsp Sugar
1tsp baking powder
1 egg
600ml buttermilk
2tbsp melted butter
(Serves 2-3 people depending on pancake size)


Mixed fresh berries
Maple Syrup
Choc Chips
Lemon and Sugar
literally anything…


Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, make sure the melted butter is not too hot.

In a pan with middle heat (somewhere between the big flame and the little flame).

Depending how big you want the pancakes, we’d recommend using a ladle to scoop and pour onto the pan.

After 2 minutes, flip it. (Time is dependent on your stove so keep an eye out!)

The second side won’t take as long, we recommend cook it for 1 minute.

Once cooked – pancake meets plate, toppings meets pancake, pancake meets mouth.

If you’re no MasterChef wannabe and just can’t get it to work out don’t stress!
Head on over to Upper East Side – if at first you don’t succeed, pay the professionals to do it.
Tag us in any attempts on Instagram! We’ll be sharing ours… no judging!