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Australia’s Ready-Made Home Delivery Meal Services

For many of us, the last thing we want to do when arriving home from work is cook dinner.

That’s an average of 30 minutes cooking, 30 minutes eating and 10 minutes cleaning the kitchen. With most of us not wanting to constantly resort to fast food, it’s no wonder healthy, ready-made meals delivered to your door are becoming a growing trend in major cities around the world – and it’s especially big here in Australia.

So who are the big guys? What are they serving and where do they serve? Let’s find out.



Youfoodz is a leading pre-cooked home delivery company in Australia, offering a variety of menu options that span the globe. Much like the rest of our list. However, their menu stands out, ranging from Aussie cuisines to oriental, and even the USA.

Lite N Easy

Here’s another leading brand – one you’ve surely seen on TV. Lite N Easy is dedicated to making you thin and active via an elementary selection of dishes.

Gourmet Dinner Service

Delivering solely along the east coast of Australia, this place says it all. Especially regarding the “dinner” part. They know all things dinner, from entrée to dessert. They also do canapés and can provide catering services for any cocktail functions you wish to host.


Another one dedicated to diet eating, and we have to say their website is the easiest to navigate. Their style is diet-oriented meals that are delicious, and Gourmet Dinner Service is their sister company.

Tender Loving Cuisine

TLC aims for the homemade taste and is partnered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Which means any disabled friends or family will love it and can feel safe while not having to use the stove.

We Feed You

Another healthy option here, with a distinguishing quality being their unique meals and unique personality. They are tailored for the busy people, as well as those seeking to eat healthy.

Fresh Meals 2 U

If you’re strapped for time but still want to eat well, these guys are your saviour. They’re also for those who are looking for a long-term solution rather than a short-term remedy.


Eat Fit Food

Want a better-looking waistline without the hassle? Well, you’ve landed on the right one. Eat Fit Food can make you feel less guilty about ordering gluten-free even if you’re not really coeliac. That’s because nearly every dish they serve is gluten-free. And they all sound quite delectable.

My Dish

Another fabulous website that is easy to navigate! And while they aim for healthy dishes, My Dish also strives for great tasting food that’s easy to warm up. Who has time to cook when you’ve got kids to deal with and a spouse who’s worn out?


They’re a little more concerned with your physique while equally concerned about great taste. As well as helping customers lose weight, Foober also want to help those other customers wishing to pack on muscles. Rather than selecting different meals, Foober offers pre-made meal plans for specific diets.



They’re healthy and they taste good, according to their website, and what’s more is they are a godsend to local farmers and growers because they like to source all things local. Whether you’re a busy single or a hungry family, Dineamic caters to your needs.

Chef Good

According to their website, Chef Good aims to be like a mother, cooking healthy and wholesome food just like mum would make. They’re also concerned with sourcing local produce, and categorise their meal plans via calory intake.

Meals in a Moment

It’s nutritious food without the all those evil words like “Paleo” and “Keto” and “Detox”. They’ll cater to dietary requirements and they’re not as long-term driven as the others, dealing with the more day-to-day than a 7-week challenge. They can also deliver those handy items we always run out of at inconvenient times like milk, eggs, and bread.


Gourmet Meals

Just need the one-off meal after that crazy stressful day at work? Perhaps the in-laws are coming over and you’re not bothered enough to cook? Don’t fret, these guys will look after you.

Healthy Meals to Your Door

The name says it all. Healthy Meals to Your Door sources their fish and vegetables locally, and purchase their beef and chicken from trusted suppliers. Their kitchen is run by a nutritionist and chef, so it sure is healthy.

Meals 4 U

Meals 4 U are a food delivery company seeking to appear youthful through text speak. Their food is also just as vibrant while being a bit like Gourmet Meals: an option for those seeking short-term solutions.


Paleo Meals Direct

Misconstrued as the “caveman diet”, Paleo has been around for a while. It’s more a lifestyle than a diet, really. A paleo diet consists of unprocessed meat and poultry that is either grass-fed or free range while avoiding grains, legumes, fine sugar and dairy. In other words, food that is the epitome of fresh. Paleo Meals Direct is experienced in this market.

Portobello Fresh Food Merchants

These guys want to feed you nutritious food that’s affordable and high quality. Portobello Fresh Food Merchants specialise in Italian, Indian, Thai and devilishly-looking cheesecakes. Lemon passionfruit cheesecake, anyone?

Home Chef

Nutrition and health are the main concerns of this company. Home Chef’s core clientele are families with elderly parents, the sick and disabled people, and busy people. And as well as being able to work with specific dietary requirements, you can also request texture modification for those who can’t chew properly or prefer pre-cut portions.

Poppet’s Pantry

Poppet’s Pantry creates homestyle meals for a week-to-week basis, but can also cater for your event. With 20 years of hospitality experience, Jane and Stephen Hitchings are dedicated to providing Perth with freshly cooked meals and canapés.



Are you a fitness fanatic? Want to pack on some muscle? Need to work on the muffin top? Then this is a place for you! Stock up on their range of protein balls and make going to the gym that less stressful. No need to pass by the supermarket on the way home. Well, unless you need milk.

Adelaide Food Service

If you hate the idea of cooking, but you’re desperate for something tasty and balanced, then look no further than Adelaide Food Service. It’s also good for those who like shopping with local business.

Fit Foods 4 U

Fit Foods 4 U like to deliver fresh, not frozen, making it a little easier for you when warming it up. Whether you’re saving time or working on the body – or both – this is your saviour.