The Aperitif – a cocktail specifically designed to drink before dinner to stimulate the appetite.

Could we even dream of a better combination than that of a cocktail to aid dinner consumption? Nope. 

To help celebrate this year’s National Aperitif Day (21 May 2020), our friends at Fratelli Fresh have shared three tantalising aperitif recipes to stir up at home. Try one (or all three) and start your evening off right.

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Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

The most iconic, and popular spritz splashing the market, the refreshing and sweet Aperol Spritz is the perfect aperitif to enjoy before a hearty Italian meal.

Have it ready-made or in kit form and delivered to your home, or whip it up from scratch! To get you spritzing, follow Fratelli Fresh’s recipe for the perfect Aperol Spritz:

60mL Aperol Aperitivo
90mL Prosecco
30mL soda water
Orange wedge for garnish

1. Using a large wine glass, pour in all of your ingredients.
2. Fill the cup with ice, stir and garnish with an orange wedge.

And voilà! The perfect Aperol Spritz.



The negroni continues to grow in populatirty since its conception in 1919. Stronger and much more sophisticated than a spritz, the Negroni is as refreshing as it is bold.

A rich, ruby-red trifecta of equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari, this cocktail is perfectly balanced.

30mL Tanqueray London Dry Gin
30mL Cinzano Rosso Vermouth
30mL Campari
Twist of orange peel, for garnish

1. Using a mixing glass, add your ingredients, ice and stir until chilled.
2. Strain into an old fashioned glass and garnish with a twist of orange peel.

There you have it, a professional yet easy negroni for you to enjoy from your cosy kitchen.

Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello Spritz

A Limoncello Spritz is a delicious combination of sweet and sour, making for the perfect refreshing cocktail to whet your palate prior to a meal.

The balance of sweet and sour can be difficult to achieve, so here’s the scoop to making the perfect Limoncello Spritz!

60mL Limoncello di Capri
60mL Prosecco
Dash of Soda
Slice of orange or lemon, for garnish.

1. Pour your ingredients into a large wine glass and fill with ice.
2. Garnish with a fruit slice of your choice and enjoy.

Bittersweet and enlivened with fizz, this classic aperitif will transport you to the Amalfi Coast.

Feel inspired to test your at-home bartending skills further? Be sure to try our latest whisky, Peroni beer or wine-infused cocktails now. Happy sipping.

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