Life hacks for those who live out of their suitcase.

We’ve all experienced the hassle of dragging heavy luggage across the world. When that packing devil appears on your shoulder and convinces you you’ll need about 15 pairs of underwear for a 3-day trip, “just in case”. Or the anxiety that fills the air as you are one of the last people still waiting for your bag to pop out of the conveyor belt. Looking at each other in angst and empathy as you secretly hope it’s their luggage that got lost and not your own. Though really, with great persistence, everything you need for a trip can be crammed in your carry on.

There are multiple benefits to travelling with just one or two bags, which you keep with you throughout the entirety of your trip. First of all, you can avoid the endless wait at the baggage claim, or the slight chance that your bag goes missing between airports. You’ll have everything you need with you, and it’ll make it loads easier to move around on public transport, or even while walking through your destination. Once you start packing light, you’ll never want to go back.

Do your research

Make sure you’re aware of the airline’s carry-on restrictions, and choose a bag accordingly. If your airline allows it, you can carry a laptop bag or backpack in addition to a small rolling suitcase. That way, you can keep your electronic gadgets and personal items in one bag, and your clothes in another.

Limit your wardrobe

Even if you’re staying for a long period of time, you don’t need a lot of clothes- you can always do laundry at your destination, and it’s a lot more comfortable to carry and keep track of just a few possessions.

Be clever with the clothes you take

Pack clothes that can be worn in the day or at night, for whatever you’ve got planned. Even if you’re going on a trip through countries with varying temperatures and climates, you can limit the amount of clothes you take by taking a lot of lightweight layers, or by packing clothes that can be compressed easily.

Roll your clothes

By rolling your clothes, they’ll take up less space, and you’ll be able to pack a lot more into your suitcase. To take it a step further, invest in compression bags- you can suck all the air out of them, leaving even more space in your luggage.

Forgo the toiletries

You don’t need to pack all your toiletries, because you can probably buy them when you’re there- and they won’t have slipped over in the flight, which is another plus. If you’re on a long-distance flight, then take enough to last for the duration of the travel, then buy what you need when you arrive. And if you’re a regular makeup wearer, take only what you’ll really need for your entire trip.

Wear your heaviest items on the plane

If you’re going to a cold country, that means your essential winter coat, and heavy boots. Chances are, the plane will get cold, so it’s a good idea regardless of how hot it is in the country you’re travelling away from.