Can you guess Australia’s top 6 most hashtagged locations?
Let’s be honest you’ve probably got a few in your feed.

And if not, get snappin’ at these iconic locations.

  1. Bondi Beach, NSW

    With beautiful blue water, sunshine and of course the iconic icebergs swimming pool there are no surprises here – the beach has its own television show for God’s sake. Congratulations Sydney for taking the cake!

  2. Surfers Paradise Beach, QLD

    Approximately 3 million people drop by for a swim each year on this beautiful beach strip, making it Australia’s most popular beach. Queenslanders should be very proud of their hashtagging silver medal.

  3. Sydney Harbour, NSW

    One of the most beautiful harbours, and the focal point every New Year’s Eve, of course our stunning harbour makes the top 3. From shots on the shore, from the bridge or on the ferry you’ll be sure to get a bunch of likes for the glistening water and gorgeous cityscape.

  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW

    There would be something seriously wrong if our most famous landmark didn’t make the cut, and she has come in at number 4. This beauty took 8 years, 6 million hand driven rivets, 53,000 tonnes of steel and the man power of 1400 people to put together. So in tribute to their outstanding work, make sure you grab a pic.

  5. St Kilda Beach, VIC

    When you think of Victoria you don’t really think of the beach. However, wonderful St Kilda is their exception. The perfect instagram spot with its brightly painted beach shacks, shopping and cafe front. The creepy Luna Park face is also nearby for your colourful photoshoot.

  6. National Gallery of Victoria, VIC

    Truly one of Australia’s best galleries. Opening in 1958 it is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia. It boasts over 70,000 artworks from Picasso to Rembrandt, and its building itself is one of it’s greatest masterpieces.