Before you say bon voyage, read up on this helpful travel guide with tips on how to survive a long flight!

Planning on some plane travel but dreading the long-haul flight? To some surprise, you’re not alone!

Despite the excitement of soaring the skies, long haul flights can be daunting and draining – especially if your destination or stopover is nine (Sydney to Bangkok) or even 15 hours away (Sydney to Dubai).

But, with the right preparation and mindset, your next planned plane trip can be a bearable and even enjoyable experience. So whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first time flier, read on through these top travel tips that will help you navigate the skies with ease and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to explore.


1. Choose Your Seat Wisely

Surprising as it may seem, the right seat can make all the difference on a long flight. Aisle seats offer more legroom and its easier access to the restroom. Meanwhile window seats provide a place to rest your head. If you experience travel sickness, we recommend to avoid the rear of the plane as it tends to experience more turbulence. We’d also avoid any rear seating if you’re a light sleeper as this area can be prone to noisy travellers.

Moreover, if you’re wanting extra legroom consider investing in premium economy seats with extra legroom for added comfort.


2. Pack Smart

Although it may be tricky sticking to carry-on weight restrictions, bringing the right essentials can greatly enhance your in-flight experience. Most importantly, we recommend packing a refillable water bottle to help you stay hydrated. If permitted, healthy snacks will help keep your energy levels up. Otherwise, to get in some sleep, a neck pillow and eye mask will be great too.

In terms of entertainment and devices, ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones are essential for blocking out cabin noise. Don’t forget to charge your devices and load them up with movies, books, podcasts and music to keep yourself entertained!


3. Dress Comfortably

Ditch the heels and the suit. One of our top tips for plane travel, whether it’s a long haul flight or not, is to opt for loose, layered clothing to stay comfortable throughout the flight. Moreso, choose clothes made out of cotton or other breathable materials. As well as that, slip on shoes make it convenient for security checks too. Be sure to also keep in mind that airplane cabins fluctuate in temperature, so layering is key.


4. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Cabin air is notoriously dry, so staying hydrated is crucial. As a general rule, try and aim to drink at least 500mL of water every hour. And, despite the free inclusions, we recommend you avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine as they can dehydrate you. To appease your hunger, pack plenty of nuts, fruit, and granola bars to keep your energy up without relying on airplane food.


5. Move Around

Sitting for extended periods can lead to discomfort and even health issues. Our most important tip on how to survice a long haul flight is by moving around. Throughout the duration of the flight be sure to do simple stretches in your seat to keep your blood flowing. Take regular walks up and down the aisle to stretch your legs and, even consider in-seat exercises like ankle rolls and knee lifts.


6. Sleep Strategies

We understand your frustration with sleeping on a flight. And, it’s not rocket science to understand that getting some shut-eye can make a long flight feel shorter. If you’re a light sleeper there’s plenty of natural sleeping aids to try. Alternatively, ear plugs and an eye mask can help create a more conducive sleep environment by blocking out light and noise. Try to also align your sleep schedule with your destination’s time zone to minimise jet lag.


7. Stay Fresh

A little self-care goes a long way. If permitted, pack travel sized toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, and deodorant to freshen up mid-flight. Moisturisers are also good to apply every few hours to keep your skin hydrated from the dry cabin air. Take it one step further and pack a facial mist, essential oil or face mask to make you feel refreshed and invigorated.


8. Prepare for Arrival

You might think that just because you’ll be landing at your dream destination that your travel worries are over. However, planning ahead can smooth out your entire travels. Firstly, be sure to pre-arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation to avoid post flight stress. Next, whilst on board, set your watch to your destination’s time zone so you can mentally prepare for the new schedule. Finally, at least 30 minutes before the plane descends to land, ensure your necessary documents are handy for a quick transition.

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Feature image: Photographed by Philip Myrtorp. Image via Unsplash.