From classic beef to gourmet vegan treats, discover Perth’s top burger joints!

Perth isn’t just about stunning beaches and glorious sunsets – it’s also a burger lover’s paradise! Here, amidst the surf and sand, a burger revolution is sizzling, flipping, and stacking its way into our hearts and stomachs.

From juicy beef concoctions to quirky gourmet veggie masterpieces, Perth’s burger scene is bursting with flavours as bold and beautiful as the city itself. Ready to embark on a tasty adventure? Hold onto your taste buds, as we taste so you can test the top burger spots in Perth – where every bite promises a fun-filled, flavour-packed journey.


Bad Love Burger

Bad Love Burger in Perth is the ultimate haven for those craving mouthwatering creativity and fresh ingredients. What started as an iconic pop-up has, since 2020, evolved into one of the best burger shops in Perth, showcasing the tastiest and freshest beef, fried chicken, and even vegetarian burgers, letting everyone take a bite. Guzzle down a range of local craft beer inside this vibrant burger joint. Whether you’re catching up with friends or just treating yourself, Bad Love Burger makes every bite a celebration!

Bad Love Burger | 39 Harrogate St, West Leederville, WA 6007


Compton Burgers

Right in the heart of Perth’s CBD lies one of the best burger restaurants, Compton Burgers. Known for their juicy, perfectly grilled patties and inventive toppings, this is truly a burger lover’s dream come true. With every bite bursting with flavours, those flavours carry over to the entire menu, which has been handcrafted to ensure all tastes a catered too, including fantastic vegetarian options. For those in Perth craving a greasy delight, look no further than Compton Burgers!

Compton Burgers | 196 Stirling St, Perth, WA 6000



If you’re craving just a good ol’ fashion cheeseburger in Perth, then Hoodburger is here to fill that need. This traditional fast food joint is famous for their juicy, flavour-packed patties and creative topping, ranging from classic double cheeseburgers to unique Tender Mash and Gravy Sandwiches. The fun and eccentric style is found beyond just the menu, as the vibrant, welcoming atmosphere makes it a top spot for hanging out with friends or enjoying a casual, delightful meal. And with various locations across Western Australia, you’re never too far from getting your hands around one of these greasy snacks at Hoodburger!

Hoodburger | Various Locations.


Johnny’s Burger Joint

Renowned for their succulent, perfectly seasoned patties and an array of imaginative toppings, Johnny’s Burger Joint crafts succulent burgers that are pure joy in every bite. This American-style diner has an extensive menu of creative snacks such as the Down Undaaaaahhhh featuring pure beef patty, American cheese, and fried egg. Top off your meal with epic sides and mouthwatering milkshakes that has earned Johnny’s Burger Joint a reputation as one of the best burger places in Perth. Treat your taste buds where every meal is a joyful feast!

Johnny’s Burger Joint | 6/395 Warton Rd, Canning Vale, WA 6155



Treat yourself like a king and queen at RoyAl’s! No expense is spared to ensure you have a flipping good burger, with a wide-ranging menu of unique bites including their Stevie Wonder, stuffed with angus beef, bacon, and jalapenos, or chicken burgers like the Durty South. For those that want to upgrade your dinner plans, their Next Level Burgs are the creme-de-la-creme of the grill: including the award-winning Boujie Royal. With an urban-themed interior decor, RoyAl’s is a must-visit in Perth!

RoyAl’s | Various Locations.


Short Order Burger

With locations in Fremantle and Perth’s CBD, Short Order Burger is a haven for burger aficionados. As the name suggests, the menu may be short but it’s packed with flavours you can’t get anywhere else in Western Australia, including the NZ Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Their world-famous milkshakes are also the perfect treat to make any greasy dish just perfect. Whenever you’re looking for one of the best burger shops in Perth, Short Order Burger is always on the ‘short list’.

Short Order Burger | Various Locations.

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Feature image: Photographed by ESstock. Image via Shutterstock.