Locally designed and distilled – why not take a shot at supporting these Australian vodka brands in 2023!

Any spirit lover, at home cocktail crafter or tipple enthusiast would know that vodka is a staple in the bartending world. And although this distilled liquor is said to have originated from Poland and Russia, down under we have some notable Australian vodka brands that are making headlines, and for a good reason.

So, if you’re wanting to try something new and discover how you can support local, sit back and sip your way through our list of the best Australian vodkas that you should try in 2023!

<strong>Archie Rose Distilling Co.</strong>
Photographed by Ken Leanfore. Image via Destination NSW.

Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Hailing from Rosebery in New South Wales, Archie Rose Distilling Co. is one Australian vodka brand that is always on our radar. With numerous Australian gin awards under their belt, Archie Rose has also made a name for itself with their selection of whiskies, vodkas, rums and even ready-made bottled cocktails. Winning Australia’s Most Innovative Hospitality Company in 2019, it’s no surprise that Archie Rose knows how to keep up their creative tricks. On top of the distillery tours, Archie Rose Distilling Co. also offers a Cocktail Masterclass Experience as well as a handful of other engaging classes that provide guests with a hands-on experience.

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<strong>Mandatory Spirit Co.</strong>
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Mandatory Spirit Co.

Vodka in a box? You have us intrigued! Brisbane based drinks company, Mandatory Spirit Co., has unveiled their exciting range of flavoured vodkas. Delicious as it is environmentally friendly, the compact (and chic) one litre box by Mandatory Spirit Co. reduces their carbon footprint by eight times in comparison to using glass bottles. Perfect for parties, picnics and everything in between, their range includes the likes of Cherry Bliss Vodka, Luscious Strawberry Vodka and Tantalising Raspberry Vodka. Just pour, add ice and top with soda water.

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<strong>Manly Spirits Co.</strong>
Photographed by Ken Leanfore. Image via Destination NSW.

Manly Spirits Co.

Distilled, bottled and labelled by hand at their Northern Beaches distillery in Sydney, Manly Spirits Co. is one Aussie vodka you need to add to your home bar. With two Holstein stills taking centre stage, Manly Spirits Co. prefer to focus on craftmanship and maximum flavour extraction to create their complex spirits. Using pure Australian wheat spirit, Manly Spirits Co.’s vodkas are clean, smooth and full-bodied. With two vodkas in their range – Marine Botanical Vodka and the Grape & Grain Vodka which won a silver award the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 – there’s no excuse to support this Australian vodka brand!

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<strong>Underground Spirits Australia</strong>
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Underground Spirits Australia

Hailing from Canberra, Underground Spirits Australia is one Australian vodka brand that needs to be on your radar in 2023. Famed for their premium vodka and craft gins, Underground Spirits Australia pays homage to its surroundings by using botanicals and pure spring water sourced from the Snowy Mountains. As for their distillery, with clean countryside air, it is the birthplace of their range that’s made by hand in small batches. Keen to try some Australian vodka? How does Vodka with Double Vanilla sound? Or maybe Vodka with Caramel?

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<strong>78 Degrees Distillery</strong>
Photographed by Ian Routledge.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

78 Degrees Distillery

If you’re looking for an Australian vodka distillery to visit, we must point you in the direction of one of the best Australian vodka brands: 78 Degrees Distillery. Found in Hay Valley, 40-minutes east of Adelaide’s CBD, 78 Degrees Distillery focuses on utilising grape marc (skins, seeds, fruit and juice) to craft their unique vodka. Running the vodka through charcoal filters to ensure purity, 78 Degrees Distillery’s Australian Vodka is packed with a whole lot of character with subtle citrus and floral notes. If you’re keen to try something different, be sure to check out their exciting gin, whisky and fortified range too.

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Feature image: Manly Spirits Co. Photographed by Ken Leanfore. Image via Destination NSW.