Pack the snacks and the Wild Turkey – we’re exploring our backyard and going camping with Matthew McConaughey!

There isn’t much that award-winning actor, writer, philanthropist, husband and father of three can’t do. Apart from starring in over 40 feature films and founding the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation 14 years ago, Matthew McConaughey has also been the creative director for Wild Turkey since 2016.

And as Aussie’s were dreaming into 2022, McConaughey and Wild Turkey created a bespoke experience calling Aussies and lovers of travel to explore and protect their wilderness.

In partnership with Doron and Stephanie Francis, Founders of Homecamp, McConaughey crafted 150 limited-edition two-man canvas Trust Your Spirit tents and matching cooler bags available exclusively in Australia. A one-of-a-kind tent, this venture between internationally renowned Kentucky-based spirits label and an Australian outdoors brand allows Aussies to get out under the stars and into the wild.

Giving thanks to those who work to protect our flora and fauna, a proportion of proceeds from each Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit tent will go towards the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, to support the continuous bushfire regeneration efforts.

“No one knows the Australian wilderness better than Aussies themselves,” mused McConaughey. “During my time in Australia, I was always in awe of the deep level of knowledge and appreciation Aussies had for the great outdoors. That’s why, Wild Turkey and Homecamp have come together to create an experience that reminds us why we all need to go back into the wilderness sooner and more often. Because when you’re in the wild, you can always trust your spirit.”

Sleeping two comfortably with additional storage space, the Matthew McConaughey designed tent also features a built-in QR code on the exterior for campers to unlock narrated campfire stories told by no other than the Interstellar and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days star.

To craft the ultimate camping experience, the Trust Your Spirit tent was designed to cater for all seasons above zero degrees. And, because all good stories are told with a good drink, each purchase comes with a 4.68L cooler perfect to store a six-pack of your favourite Wild Turkey concoction.

“This initiative is to help give back to those who work hard to protect the Australian wilderness we all love so much,” said Doron Francis, Founder of Homecamp. “Our philosophy is about inspiring people to rediscover the power of spending time outdoors, so there was such a natural synergy with Wild Turkey and its initiative. This experience is truly one-of-a-kind and we hope that it helps to encourage all of us to get back out into the bush while doing our part to protect it.”

With only 150 available, McConaughey carefully designed each element of the limited-edition tent – from the layout down to the colour selection and the inclusion of its own unique batch number (like a true bourbon whisky). The Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit tent and cooler bag come as a set at $950.00 and can be purchased now via Wild Turkey’s website.

McConaughey adds, “It’s time to pack the car and find your own place in the wilderness.”

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