Are you bored? Let us help you out!

With ongoing self-isolation, we've figured it's the perfect time to learn about hobbies. Are you a photographer at heart or should you drill into the gaming world?

Plan your day at home below and we'll tell you what hobby you should take up next.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Have a shower!
Eat breakfast!
Check Facebook!
Jive to the radio alarm!
Check the weather outside!
Write about your weird dream!

Your morning routine is done. What next?

Head outside for some fresh air!
Check the fridge again!
Sing while washing up!
Snap a selfie!
Check Facebook again!
Call your bestie!

Lunchtime! What's on the menu?

Caesar salad!
HCT Toastie!
Pumpkin soup!

You need to chill out this afternoon. How will you relax?

Binge on Netflix!
Check out the news!
Dance to music!
Birdwatching from the balcony!
Have a bath!
Alphabetise your book collection!

Your room needs cleaning. Where to start?

The bookshelf!
The computer desk!
The crumbly bedside table!
The bed!
The wardrobe!
I need to find the right song first!

It’s dinner time and you feel like takeaway. What’s your pick?

Fast food!
Pub feed!

Time to relax with a movie. Pick your favourite:

The Lord of the Rings!
The Lion King!
Life of Pi!
The Lego Movie!

You feel like a late-night serving of ice cream. What will you have with it?

Chocolate topping!
A slice of cake!
Caramel topping!
Plum jam!

It’s bedtime! What helps you sleep?

Soothing sounds...
Counting sheep...
Another scoop of ice cream...
Browse Instagram...

All 9 questions completed!

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Are you bored? Let us help you out!

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Feature image: Laurenz Kleinheider via Unsplash