There’s nothing more Australian than this!

With social distancing becoming part of our global language, Brisbane’s most notable craft brewer, BrewDog, has announced their very own drive-thru. Customers can now access a full menu of takeaway food, beer and wine all in the comfort of their car or boat.

Food will include burgers and fries from $19.50, pizzas from $18 and craft beers to drink from $4. All users need to do is download the free BrewDog Hop Drop app via the App Store or Google Play, then order their food and drink and click ‘collect.’

Locals will be able to drive-thru via car or even boat, pulling up at the jetty outside the venue where staff will bring the order to you.

Best of all, healthcare staff will also receive 50% off drive-thru collections.

And, if you don’t have the time to drive there, you can also enjoy the full BrewDog craft beer range with their beer delivery service on the same BrewDog Hop Drop app. Customers can order from a range of fantastic craft beers, where the team will fill up a fresh 500mL can and will have it delivered within the hour.

BrewDog food will also be available via Deliveroo and UberEats starting this Thursday 26 March.

BrewDog DogTap Brisbane
77 Metroplex Ave, Brisbane, QLD 4172
(07) 3073 2439