Are you nailing or failing?

Let's see how many isolation #goals or typical "lockdown" activities you've achieved during your COVID-19 isolation.

Select all the activities, feelings and experiences that clearly resonate with you and your lockdown to reveal how well you're nailing isolation.

You've cut your own hair
You've cut yourself a fringe
You've cut someone else's hair
You said you would learn a new skill
You actually learned a new skill
You constantly say "I don't even know what day it is"
You constantly wonder "How is it already 10 past 2?!"
You areĀ (constantly) tired
You regularly deem a walk around the block as enough exercise
You immediately signed up for Houseparty
You then realised how annoying Houseparty notifications were
Your at-home fashion choices are questionable
The highlight of your week is going to the grocery store
The biggest disappointment of your week was seeing empty shelves at your grocery store
You've googled 'what can and can't we do in isolation right now"
You signed up for another streaming service
You've tried to cancel a recently joined subscription service before the trial end date
You baked your own bread
You baked banana bread
You baked a cake
You handmade pasta
You made cocktails at home
You realised $18+ for a cocktail isn't so bad if it means someone else makes it for you
You thought you'd save money during isolation, but didn't
You started a puzzle
You finished a puzzle
You created a TikTok account
You reorganised your wardrobe
You reorganised your pantry
You planted something
You made a cloth face mask
You downloaded The Sims
You've made a pet of the spider in your house
You binge-watched Tiger King
You read a book
"Sanny" has become part of your regular routine
You filled your calendar with Zoom calls
You continue to get excited when your free Zoom account gives you unlimited minutes
You played Uno
You watched the film Contagion
You participated in a "7-day challenge to share your life" on Facebook
You participated in a "first couple photo challenge"
You cringed at seeing so many "7 day in the life of" or "First Couple Photo" challenges on social media
You hoped no one 'nominated you' in a push-up challenge
You can't stop snacking
You are/were outside as much as possible
You bought lego
You rolled your eyes every time you heard celebrities singing "Imagine"
You start your emails with " Hope you're staying safe and healthy during this time!"
You've awkwardly made eye contact with others on Zoom calls while all trying to find the 'leave meeting' button
You've heard "Sorry, I was on mute" too many times
You did a yoga session
You jumped on the whipped coffee bandwagon
You wore a blanket as a clothing layer
You're sick of hearing "we're all in this together" advertisements
You joined a virtual fitness class
You joined a virtual fitness class but kept your camera off so you could slack off
You took a picture of your pet typing on your laptop
You thoroughly enjoy at-home happy hour
You've played virtual trivia with your mates
You've written yourself off during virtual drinks
You regretted booking in so many virtual hangouts with friends
You wished you were living in the Northern Territory
You realised how much you love and miss your local pub
You adopted/purchased a new pet
You painted something
You drew something
You knitted something
You learned or practiced a foreign language

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Are you nailing or failing?

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