Looking to go dry this July? We’ve got three simple reasons on why you should take part.

July. It’s winter, the heater is on, you’re about to serve a hearty dinner and the first thing that comes to mind is what bottle of wine to crack open. Or, if you’re a little adventurous like us, the season calls for creamy cocktails waiting to be sipped. Respectively, it’s also the season in which Dry July comes to life.

But what is Dry July?

In July 2008, three friends, Brett, Kenny and Phil decided to take a break from alcohol for a month, coining it their ‘Dry July’. At the time they also wanted to raise funds for a family member affected by cancer – so they asked friends and family to sponsor their abstinence.

Since then, Dry July has inspired over 130,000 Australians to go dry, and has raised upwards of $30 million for people affected by cancer and has funded projects at more than 75 cancer organisations across the country. And here’s their motivator:

In July alone, an average of 11,526 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer.

What does Dry July raise money for? The funds raised go towards cancer support organisations nationwide, aimed at improving patient comfort, care and wellbeing.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Dry July in 2021:

1. Dry July works with organisations such as Cancer Council, the Leukaemia Foundation, McGrath Foundation, Ovarian Cancer Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and RedKite to provide patients, their families and carers with wellness programs, transport, accommodation and facilities refurbishments, therapy programs as well as funding information resources.

2. Apart from the meaningful charity work which is a reason in itself to take part, Dry July also has a tonne of health benefits for the participants. According to Dry July their participants report a more clearer headspace and lowering of anxiety; more energy and higher productivity; a better sleeping pattern, weight loss as a result of decreased cholesterol, lower blood glucose and decreased liver fat; healthier skin; and, of course, an overall sense of achievement.

3. You save money and put it where it matters the most. Did you know that in a recent survey conducted by Hunter and Bligh we found that a third (33.6 per cent) of Australians surveyed say they consume up to two standard alcoholic drinks a day during the week. Not too bad or more than enough? Adding it up, from Monday to Sunday we’re drinking up to 14 alcoholic beverages. So instead, take a break and put your savings where it matters the most – Dry July!

So how do you get involved? The Dry July website houses all the information you could possibly need. You can either sign up and actively participate or donate to others involved in the cause. It’s that simple! Plus you’ll also find marketing materials to help promote your fundraising efforts, social media images, posters and donation forms.

If you can’t sign up to Dry July, there are of course other ways in which you can participate. We understand that going completely alcohol free isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, instead, why don’t you consider a low-alcohol alternative instead?

Looking to make the switch this Dry July? Why not try one of these 10 Best Low Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Australian Wines? Otherwise take this personality quiz to reveal what non-alcoholic beverage you are.

Feature image: Photographed by Simon Rae. Image via Unsplash.
This article was first published on July 04 2018. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on July 03 2021.