Mindful styling made easy.

Today, Australians are more concerned about the waste that they are producing, which is where Canningvale has stepped in to use one of the world’s most dangerously over-produced products to be the core material for their new Tribu collection.

Canningvale is an Australian family-owned homewares brand which sells everything from bed linen to towels, furniture, home decor and even rugs. Recently, the team has focused on selling products that are more mindful and sustainable to both the consumer and to the environment. By using the infamous plastic bottle as their core material, Canningvale has launched a range of homewares as part of their Tribu collection.

Using current trends, the collection featuring cushions, small rugs and storage baskets can be described as both earthy, eco-friendly, affordable and most importantly, stylish. Made from 100% recycled materials, each piece has been individually handwoven with a durable yarn specially created from recycled water bottles.

Experts in longevity and style, Canningvale’s Tribu collection is available in a sleek modern natural muted palate including the muted grey and sandy colour options – both stylish, modern, bohemian and of course, timeless.

After their successful recycled rug collection that launched in May (Canningvale’s first sustainable product-based initiative), the family-friendly faces behind this Australian brand are happy to expand their eco-friendly homewares range made affordable and stylish for their customers.

Managing Director, Jordan Prainito says, “the Tribu range is the result of a collective passion, to make homewares sustainable and affordable for our customers. We are very proud of our team for bringing this beautiful earthy range to life.”

With their prestigious reputation, Canningvale is committed to providing these sustainable options because they know that their customers care about their impact on the environment. According to ProAcqua, there are 370 million plastic water bottles going to waste every year. Pairing that with the staggering amount of textiles which end up in our landfill (Textile Beat says that Australians send about 85% or 23 kilograms of textiles to landfill) – there’s no doubt that Canningvale saw an opportunity to set a new standard within the homewares industry.

The Tribu collection features classic woven textures and natural muted colours for easier styling options. Perfect as highlights in your home, the collection is ideal for Australians who love neutral, earthy colours and are wishing to make a new styling statement for winter. Offering a level of warmth with layering and bold characteristics, the Tribu collection works well against wooden or polished concrete floors, darker carpets and even tiled areas.

Cool in appearance, the Tribu cushions, rug and storage baskets bring out incredible depth and texture allowing customers to create a stylish coordinated look whilst also creating a neat and confined space.

“Like our rug collection we’ve used recycled materials and natural, muted colours that are both stylish and timeless. We’ve also introduced a new storage basket product category, which is very exciting, along with classic woven textures and second-to-none hand-finished detailing on each piece. Creating beautiful, purposeful and lasting products has always been our focus,” Jordan says.


Based in Victoria, Canningvale was founded in 1977 by father and son, Giovanni and Frank Prainito. After Giovanni, an Italian refugee had arrived from Libya, he knew that his homewares dream would be perfect for the Australian market. Having an association with a boutique terry mill in Bergamo, Italy, after a fishing vacation in Perth in 1975, Giovanni decided to move some weaving looms and migrate to Australia. Within months, Frank joined his father in Australia.

Today, Canningvale is one of Australia’s most loved online homeware havens selling a stylish collection of sheets, sofa sets, soy candles, rugs, dining furniture and home storage pieces.

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