Starting his first job in the beauty trade, after school at age 11, Ammar Ahmad is now rising above the ashes and leading the hair and beauty trade online.

Today, hair and beauty is an ongoing trend on all social medias platforms. Whether it’s a new makeup tutorial to get that winged eyeliner perfect the first go, or creating lucious curls without a curling wand.

Although there’s an influx of how-to-guides and a soaring amount of products there are certainly not enough websites to match.

An Australian site, with it’s head office located in the Western Sydney suburb of Ingleburn, AMR Hair and Beauty aims to provide discounted prices to traders as well as public consumers. From barber supplies, to hair care and even salon furniture, AMR Hair and Beauty has it all under one roof.

With online shopping sky-rocketting more than ever, having that one go-to URL, for everything you need is a definite must for consumers.

That’s exactly what AMR Hair and Beauty strives to be.

Ammar Ahmad, CEO of AMR Hair and Beauty confesses that his success story wasn’t always triumphant.

“After years of failure and success, AMR Hair and Beauty Supplies was born.”

Like any business owner can agree to, breaking into the market was most difficult and it took over 10 years to establish himself. It was a combination of hard work, saving and learning valulable lessons to place AMR Hair and Beauty where it is today.

Ammar learnt everything about being a business owner and young entrepreneur as he went.

Throughout the rise of his career there’s been a series of challenges he’s had to face. From getting the company off the ground, to figuring out the best way to compile with both public and trade consumers.

CEO of AMR Hair and Beauty admits that sometimes its hard to keep both of their consumer markets happy considering how distinct they are from one another.

Ammar soon realised that customers were loving the vast range of products being sold and the quality of the brands stocked. Happy customers mean loyal customers.

“The AMR Hair and Beauty online store has a strong online presence,” says Ammar.

Ammar Ahmad, CEO of AMR Hair & Beauty. Image Supplied

The website enables the business to reach out to a vast and broad range of customers, whether you’re living city side amongst the high rises or country side. A highlight for loyal customers is the interaction they have with the company and it’s new offers and sales.

Their online platform allows Ammar and his team to respond rapidly to any questions whether it be about placing orders, shipping or product information.

“AMR aims to educate and inspire our targeted audience about everything hair and beauty.”

When comparing AMR Hair and Beauty to other online competitors, AMR most definitely has a major differentiation. It’s as simple as competitiveness and product prices that seperates it from the rest. Aiming to stay the most affordable hair and beauty provider in the market to bring in more customers and attract new markets.

Ammar is proud to say that, “without our great service, we wouldn’t have had such growth like we have suddenly seen over the last year.”

The young, motivated and creative team yearns for more entertaining but educational digital material to provide their customers with. Their online presence with AMR Blog is the backbone and reputation of the online business.

“We not only sell hair and beauty products, but we also understand hair and beauty inside and out,” says Ammar Ahmad.

The AMR Hair and Beauty team is comprised of experienced hairdressers, beauticians plus hair and beauty speciailists who are responsible to help customers with any questions they have.

“It is important for any company to ensure that their customers are always happy. Listen to their opinions and adhere to as many of their suggestions.”

This is one of the top three qualities Ammar proposes for any business to remain successful.

He also suggests to remain loyal to customers to expect the same in return, as well as to take calculated risks and learn from your mistakes.

Ammar’s journey with AMR Hair and Beauty has been a series of ups and downs. But he has remained positive and strived for success with the business. The company itself is a reflection of Ammar. There’s always room for expansion and growth.

Over the next year Ammar is pushing to open 12 new stores all within different states to provide the fastest delivery time for their customers.

Alongside with the current outlet store located in Penrith, it will allow their nation wide clientel to visit a physical store and test the range of products being sold.

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook broadcast hair and beauty trends more than ever. Beauty bloggers and fashion gurus have helped shape the market and customers use these social media bloggers as a catalyst to their own beauty inspiration.

AMR Hair and Beauty has used these techniques within their own company to get the best results.

Customers want their opinions heard just like beauty bloggers admitting their satisfaction with a product or brand.

AMR Hair and Beauty relies on feedback to ensure that the team is constantly providing the best for their customers.

Right now, the biggest challenge AMR Hair and Beauty faces is learning different marketing and advertising stratergies for their wide range of customers. Personal consumers and trade consumers is a broad range of clients that need to be communicated to differently.

AMR’s vision is to be the number one supplier of hair and beauty within Australia. Ammar strives to be able to reach every Australian household only offering the best products at affordable prices with exceptional customer service.

Ammar concludes by saying, “when someone says you can’t do something, go out of your way to prove them wrong. Never feel sorry for yourself and always surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.”

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