Fitness boxes designed to motivate and inspire a fresh start.

Discover the new fitness destination, Aktivaal. Freshly launched in December 2017, Aktivaal aims to inspire and motivate the transition back into the fitness lifestyle by curating and producing luxury fitness boxes specifically made to make the process of getting back into being active easier.

Outdoor personal trainer and founder of Aktivaal, Lindy Sorensen, has always been an active individual and strove to re-immerse herself into fitness after having her two children. She soon found that being an amateur in a class setting left her feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This ultimately led to her light bulb moment, and hence Aktivaal was born.

Aktivaal luxury fitness box products laid out. Image: Supplied.

Aktivaal is a online fitness destination that supplies fitness boxes, simple yet effective online exercise and stretching guides, making fitness elegant and stylish at the same time. Each Aktivaal box has been thoughtfully developed to include everything you need from warm up to recovery in chic, Scandi-inspired style. 

There are different boxes for different types of fitness, such as; Swim Box, Run Box, Yoga Box, Challenge Box, Back to You Box, Kickstart Box, Recover Box, and Mini Box (designed for children).

Aktivaal fitness boxes are bursting with premium goodies to ensure that your workout is conducted in comfort and style, and has the essentials to embark on a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to ease back into regular exercise, recovery post-baby, preparing for a half marathon or incorporate yoga or swim into your regime, there is an Aktivaal box there for you.

Explore the world of Akitvaal at where you’ll find everything you need to live an aktive life.