Calling all Sydneysiders with a flair for the intricate, a head in the clouds and a heart in their stomach; Paddington boasts Barbetta as the newest kid on the block.

Their concept is simple.
Create a living, breathing version of Italy on Elizabeth Street. Think laughing hysterically over a feast with twenty of your closest family members, sampling Nonna’s Limoncello even though you’re not legally able to drink, espressos at any time of the day, family recipes that pass through generations, knowing everyone in town (and all their business) and when it’s all over, singing old timey tunes as you drive off into the countryside in a glossy red sports car…or fiat…that fails maybe a few times to your destination. Ah yes, the timeless art of Italian dining.

The Cipri brothers have done just that. Building off their cult following at ‘Cipri Italian’ and collaborating with multidisciplinary interior design firm ACME & Co., Barbetta is a backdrop that can only be described as the sleek interiors of an Italian car meshed with the nostalgic exteriors of a classic 1950’s film.

The space itself consists of a café and food workshop area meaning not only is every meal covered, but so are the skills and recipes to teach. Their twice weekly seminars cover everything from cooking to boutique wine and pasta making with a mantra of hands-on fruits of one’s labour flair.

All ingredients, including a selection of specialty Italian products, hampers and picnic packs can be purchased in the gourmet food section, also located within the store. Plus, with a Spuntini bar in the works, the Cipri Brothers will even have those morning, mid-morning and after-work desires, answered in the near future.

Fresh Pasta at Barbetta Paddigton

After you’ve feasted on the aesthetics and functions of this jack of all trades, sit down and ‘fare colazione’. Indulge yourself on the likes of ‘Deconstructed Sicilian Buckwheat Pancakes’ with fresh ricotta, figs, choc chip, honey and crushed cannoli or the hearty ‘Padella no Paella’ with Italian sausage, baked free range eggs, Tuscan cabbage, baked ricotta, tomato and roasted sourdough.

A taste of Italy at Barbetta Paddigton

Pranzo more your speed? Enjoy Spinach and ricotta ravioli with burnt butter and sage; grilled meatballs, eggplant, tomato, provolone, cos, and chili aioli known lovingly as the ‘Barbetta Polpetta Burger’; and a pasta so damn good, its coined the ‘Best Lasagne Ever’.  Each meal can be affectionately paired with a selection of authentic drinks or Italian treats constructed by Barbetta’s in-house, Napoli-born, powerhouse pastry chef. Or, for those on the go, catering and take away options mean your Italian culinary pursuits know no bounds.

Whichever way you like your meal, Barbetta is your newest one-stop shop for all things tantalisingly authentic, stylish and gloriously Italian.