2018 Spring Fashion Trends: Men

Spring has almost sprung, and let’s be honest – our wardrobes need a little help.

Coming off the back of winter can be difficult. It’s so easy to chuck on a t-shirt and jumper, a pair of chinos and call it a day. But our wardrobe ‘hibernation’ is over and as the ladies whip out their bright colours, statement earrings and strappy sandals, maybe we should consider stepping out of those trackies and jumpers we love oh so much…

Colour Trends: Sage and Blush

It’s no secret, every female on the planet thinks guys look good in pink… and now it seems the fashion world has caught on. This year mix up your staples with the two ‘hottest colours RN’ , Sage and Blush (aka. light khaki and pale pink). Pair them together for maximum spring-style or pair either with denim or black, muchos versatile.

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The ‘Dad’ Shirt

It is difficult to rock the Dad Shirt – but if the fashion gods are calling it, then we’re willing to jump on board. Super on trend and wildly popular, the bright, printed ‘Dad Shirt’ (short sleeve, button up shirt) is tipped to be one of the largest trends this spring. Paired with a pair of basic chinos or pattern-clashed with a pair of shorts, the Dad Shirt is likely to make several appearances in your wardrobe this Spring.

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The Jacket

You may be thinking, jackets are so winter – but that’s where you’re wrong gents. Yes Springs’a’Brewing and warmer days are on their way, but let’s not forget – a night out on the town can get cold. This year, the Sherpa jacket has made itself the men’s jacket of choice and while these snuggly buggers may be a bit winter-y with a jumper, come Spring evenings, pair your Sherpa with a staple t-shirt and you’re set. The Shirt Jacket is also here to stay off the back of last years autumn/fall trend. Another great staple for our wardrobes, the Shirt jacket will literally never date or go out of style!

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While the ladies may be safe this spring from florals and whiz-bang prints, this season the patterns are coming after the boys in a big way. Shorts are in, short-shorts are in and those somewhat scary prints have joined the trend. Check out some of our personal faves.

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‘Tis The Season

Spring is not only the pretty season before summer, it’s also the much anticipated Racing Season! Typically, Racing Season is the ladies domain, but with help from brands like MJ Bale, the races are now becoming a male oriented event, and a chance for the gentlemen to strut their stuff in our finest get ups. We recommend a jacket paired with some classy pants, or if the bank account allows it – the whole outfit.

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Staple Makeover

Not too sure about you guys, but t-shirts are one thing that we all have an abundance of. But while we’ve all got t-shirts coming out of our ears, what it seems most gents are lacking in are the basic, staple and somewhat plainer tee’s. As a rule, spring trends declare a refresh of tshirts should include 3 things: the logo, the stripe, and the name. So we’ve done just that.

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Spec Yo’Self

Spring calls for the return of one accessory that may or may not have gone into a seriously deep slumber over winter: sunnies. Last Spring/Summer saw the insane rise of the wire framed Rayban sunglasses range, which every single man and his dog now owns. But 2018 is a new year, it’s time for change and while we may not be rocking the cat eye and diamontes just yet, we can definitely stray from the wire framed and #breakthemould. Our top picks for this season are ordered in a save, spend and splurge way – depending on how dangerous you and your credit card are feeling.

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Kick It

It’s warming up and that means our footwear options are bordering on unlimited. The RM’s days in the non-workplace-environment are numbered and the sneaker-obsessed and moccasins are coming at us full speed. This Spring tap into the fabrics as well as experimenting with colour, don’t be afraid to rock blush (pale pink) kicks – come summer, blush kicks and your tan will make a beautiful combination.

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