With just over a week to go until September 02, Father’s Day is fast approaching. And if you’re not quite prepared, it turns out you’re not the only one. 

Our friends at Amazon and GFK have conducted research on Father’s Day to see how Aussies celebrate, decipher what what Dads want and which child puts in the most effort.

Here are 5 Fast Father’s Day Facts we learned:

  1.  We prefer celebrating with food over showering him with gifts.
    76% of voters said that they will celebrate with a meal either out or at home
  2. Daughters are the most reliable children.
    Females are twice as likely than males to buy dad a gift this year (70% vs 40% of males)
  3.  Sons however, are better gift givers
    71% of Males say that they find  it easy to purchase a gift for their dad, with 39% of females saying they struggle to find a gift that their dad would really like
  4. Father’s Day is actually pretty important to your dad.
    This year, lets go to a little more effort and spend some quality time with dad if you can! 88% of dads think it is important to celebrate Father’s Day with their kids.
  5. Dad would actually like…
    Of all the dads surveyed they have highlighted that they’d like a gift card, consumer electronics, tools, clothing, books, wallet, sportswear, a watch, sunglasses or shoes.So if you need a little help check out our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide or check out Amazon for the latest gift ideas!