Want to know who you’ll be wearing in the future? Well, you’re about to meet them.

During the Sydney Design Festival, 2019 The Galeries in Sydney’s CBD will be partnering with Billy Blue College of Design. The partnership will showcase three of Billy Blue’s most talented design graduates, with their work on display in Galeries retailer, 124 Shoes. Renowned for their custom design shoes, along with The Galeries, they will be housing the designer’s bespoke collection pieces during the Sydney Design Festival 1-10 March 2019. With a diverse mix of stores across fashion, art and dining, each retailer within The Galeries delivers a unique creative offering to consumers.

So who are the insanely talented designers?

First cab off the rank, Jeannie Octaviani. She is described as an avid dreamer, with a passion for textile technology in both the fashion and jewellery design space. Growing up in Jakarta, Jeannie found herself in between fabric markets, always looking for pieces to transform into something magical. Now the creative mind behind her brand JANE & EMERY, she sparks excitement and commits to continuously experiment with details to create handmade statement pieces for young women.

Then we’ve got Bethany Horan, a strategic and multidisciplinary designer. Bethany has an eye for innovation, styling and product design and is passionate about circular design and sustainable design solutions. Her brand, Beth Mcglynn, focuses on creating sustainable garments from dead stock and reclaimed fabrics. Inspired by the power of the female, her designs feature oversized silhouettes to empower the wearer and emphasize the distortion of the female figure throughout modernism.

Last but not least, Jaak Holman. Jaak’s interest in creating innovative designs that cater to the unique has led him to his work within the denim and unisex categories. With a background in visual arts and textiles, Jaak incorporates these into his aesthetic to create distinctive apparel pieces. His label JAAX is a ready-to-wear brand, setting out to create unisex designs for the style conscious individual, straying from basics and striving to make each piece a statement. His featured collection ORBIT is all about laminated denim fabrics, reflective surfaces and transparent materials, its colours and textures inspired by Jupiter.

So, why the partnership with The Galeries?
Because it simply makes sense. Kristy Hoare, Centre Manager at The Galeries says, “With a history and passion for supporting the arts and creative industries, we’re excited to be partnering with Billy Blue College to showcase some of their most talented student’s incentre. We’re honoured to provide a platform that allows emerging designers to have their work on display, helping to drive brand advocacy for the future of Australian fashion.”

For more information visit Billy Blue College of Design.