If you want to go somewhere where you feel like you’ve escaped the city, are on a tropical holiday and about to indulge in delicious authentic food made by your Grandma, then head to Bombini’s Avoca. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything outdated about this place, it’s modern, fresh and has a sophisticated menu, yet really nostalgic and comforting, like your favourite Grandma.

When we pulled up on the side of the road , on a fairly blind corner mind you, I was so surprised to find an opening to what looked like a cottage garden shed with playful lettering. I was intrigued.

Bombini Entrance. Image via Vanessa Capito

What I didn’t realise was that little gate opened up to a secret tropical garden, where the road, noise and stress of the city disappeared.

You walk down the cobble garden path, past a large gazebo with church pews and a tiled communal table, and then up the brick steps to a warm wrap around verandah, spotted with timber tables, white chairs and jars of bright sunflowers. It’s the perfect cottage home.

We sat on the verandah, in the cosy corner surrounded by pillows , streaming sunlight and the smell of fresh bread.

Fresh Bread. Image via Vanessa Capito

The waitstaff made us feel very welcome, sharing insight on the beautiful restaurant, and their mantra of fresh produce sourced from Australia and Italy. Whilst we placed our drink orders we peeked outside to see their lush veggie patch and bustling chickens, a true testament to their focus on sustainability for the land.

So where to start?

With a delicious Peach Bellini ($12) and Housemade Ricotta and olive oil with sourdough bread. That’s where.

When they bring a bread basket, they bring a bread basket. These people know Italian’s need bread. It’s a staple, and one they do well.

But the real shining light on the table was the housemade ricotta. So light, smooth and swimming in olive oil, it’s a real winner. When it first came out next to the shipping container of bread I didn’t think there’d be enough. But the ricotta and oil went the distance. Don’t get me wrong, I could eat kilos of it but I also wanted to fit in what was next to come.

Bread Basket & Housemade Ricotta. Image via Vanessa Capito

And it was the right decision.

We started with the Duck Liver Parfait with Pickled Cherries, Purple Mustard Cress & Rye Crostini ($19) and Buffalo Mozzarella with Radicchio, Grilled Zucchini, Tomato and Salsa Rossa ($18).

The Duck Liver Parfait – smooth, creamy and rich and when paired with the pickled cherries and purple mustard cress, it became amazing. It officially started my obsession with the cress leaf.

Duck Liver Parfait with Pickled Cherries, Purple Mustard Cress & Rye Crostini. Image via Vanessa Capito

The Buffalo mozzarella– the perfect knot for any true cheese lover.  It perched perfectly on top of the flavoursome grilled stack and tore effortlessly into the perfect mouthfuls.

Buffalo Mozzarella with Radicchio, Grilled Zucchini, Tomato and Salsa Rossa. Image via Vanessa Capito

Now let the pasta begin. 

There was no looking past the Tagliatelle with Fresh Black Truffles, Butter and Parmesan ($33/$43). The truffles are sourced weekly from Braidwood in Canberra. And that made the difference. The petal-like shavings of truffle were rich in flavour, bringing this buttery pasta dish to another level of indulgence. With the tagliatelle cooked al dente this dish was perfection.

Tagliatelle with Fresh Black Truffles, Butter and Parmesan. Image via Vanessa Capito

But as any good Italian know’s, the pasta is just the warm up. It prepares you for the marathon of mains that need to be consumed.

The first hurdle – The Roast Suckling Lamb with Mustard in Cider Vinegar, Grilled Radicchio, Carrot & Swede, Beer onion Marmalata ($42). This was a hurdle I would happily stop and set up camp at. Lamb is my favourite choice of meat, so it was already ahead in my eyes, but the flavour detail on this plate was impressive. The succulent lamb paired with the onion beer marmalade and crunch of the charred radicchio made you realise you weren’t full at all, and could easily demolish the outstanding dish in front of you. If anything- it was inspiring. A must order main.

The Roast Suckling Lamb with Mustard in Cider Vinegar, Grilled Radicchio, Carrot & Swede, Beer onion Marmalata. Image via Vanessa Capito

The Grilled Ocean Trout with Jerusalem Artichoke, Watercress & Pea Puree ($38) was the next beautiful challenge.
I’m not the biggest seafood fan, but this piece of Ocean Trout was not only vibrantly intense with colour and marbling, but was creamy and velvety and melted in your mouth. With the pea puree the perfect burst of freshness and sprinkle of my new favourite purple seeded cress it was a performance of flavours on a plate.

The Grilled Ocean Trout with Jerusalem Artichoke, Watercress & Pea Puree. Image via Vanessa Capito

I’d like to consider myself an athlete. A food athlete, however this was one marathon that could not be completed – there was simply no room for dessert. A true disappointment. Or the perfect excuse to go back?

If you don’t feel like embarking on the amazing food marathon as I did, Bomini have a whole other section you can explore.

Just a short walk to the side of the verandah you will discover the pizza garden, cladded with timber, corrugated iron and aluminium. This seriously cool space is the perfect weekend retreat to catch up with your friends or family, tear at rustic woodfired pizzas and lounge in the sun.

Outdoor Woodfire Kitchen. Image via Vanessa Capito

All im saying is, Bomibini Avoca, is well worth the visit. Why not wrap the feeling of family, holidays and food all together?

Outdoor Seating Area. Image via Vanessa Capito

Address: 366 Avoca Dr, Kincumber NSW 2251
Trading Hours: Wed to Fri 5pm – Late, Sat 12pm – Late, Sun 8am – Late
Contact: 02 4381 1436
Visit their Website

Feature image via Bombini Facebook Page