The masters of dessert, KOI Dessert Bar have let us in on a little secret…

The recipe for their “Gotta Have Espresso Tini” cocktail which offers a twist on everyone’s favourite cheeky pick-me-up, the Espresso Martini. Gather the ingredients and whip up a couple of these babies for the next girls’ night in!

Gotta Have Espresso Tini

45ml Vanilla Infused Vodka
30ml Espresso Coffee
15ml Licor 43
10ml Maple syrup
2 drops of Mirin

Shake everything together with a cocktail shaker.

Frozen Tiramisu Rocks

4 Egg yolk
60gm Mascarpone cheese
300gm Cream
90gm Espresso
45gm Sugar

Blend all the ingredients together with a stick blender until all mixed – make sure not to overdo it. Whip mixture together with force until firm, then add 2 dollops of whipped cream and blend. To create the rocks, pipe the tiramisu mix into a container to freeze overnight. Once ready to serve break apart the mix into small rock like shapes and dust with dark cocoa powder.

If you manage to get all that right, it should look a little something like this!

KOI’s Gotta Have Espresso Martini (Image: Supplied)

(Minus the ominous nitrogen vapour – just a serving suggestion!)

Get shaking!

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