Uniquely themed, these quirky dining experiences in Adelaide are a must try for any foodie!

Adelaide may be known as Australia’s sleepiest major city, but that doesn’t stop the city from housing plenty of interesting and unique eateries. If you are looking for a memorable meal in Adelaide, don’t settle for the usual restaurants and cafes. The city offers a variety of quirky and unique dining experiences that will surprise and delight your taste buds.

To help you decide, we’ve come up with a guide to the best and most unique dining experiences in Adelaide you should try at least once!

Photographed by Ellen Morgan.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.


Sharing is caring at Africola, one of the most unique restaurants in Adelaide. Inspired by cooking across Africa, every dish on Africola’s menu is tailor made to be shared with friends and family, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to dig into. Africola’s interior is a blend of unique pop energy with African style. Their iconic design creates a vibrant and buzzy energy not found elsewhere in Adelaide. So grab some friends and make your way down to Africola!

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4 East Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Anchovy Bandit</strong>
Photographed by Meaghan Coles.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Anchovy Bandit

If your palate is craving more than a royale with cheese, your next night out may end you up at one of the best pizza restaurants in Adelaide. And, Anchovy Bandit, certainly tops the list. Taking its name from a Quentin Tarantino screenplay, this pizzeria which is found under a cinema is certainly going to stop some hearts (no five-point palm exploding heart technique needed). Led by a group of mates, this passion project now hole-in-the-wall pizza and cocktail bar draws in crowds that crave pizza and good times.

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96 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA 5082
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Of all the restaurants, in all of Adelaide, make sure to walk into Casablabla. Just like ‘Rick’s Café Américain’, Casablabla is a celebration of the exotic and diverse, bringing together many of the world’s cultures not seen anywhere else in Adelaide. The interior is an eclectic collection of multiculturalism with antique Portuguese mosaic tiles sitting amongst Moroccan lanterns in chaotic harmony. That laissez faire energy can also be found on the tapas-focused menu with chickpea boa bun and fried haloumi with toasted almonds highlight the eccentric concoctions on offer.

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12 Leigh St, Adelaide, SA 5000
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Three words: Korean fried chicken. That’s sums up all you need to know about Kokko, one of the best fried chicken restaurants in Adelaide. Kokko is not afraid to experiment either – citrus mayo, cheese flake, and volcano chicken – adding a unique layer to this delicious restaurant. What makes Kokko stand out is the quirky pop art inspired style featuring quirky, colourful and unique tables and chairs that’s unlike anywhere else in Adelaide.

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1/1 Margaret St, Norwood, SA 5067
Photographed by Duy Dash.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.


Looking for a slice of Louisiana? Then look no further than NOLA, one of the most interesting eateries in Adelaide. This New Orleans-inspired eatery is serving a rotating menu of delicious creole and cajun soul food; so expect plenty of Po’Boys, gumbo, and decadent cocktails to go around. Transforming a former horse stable into a unique dining experience in Adelaide, NOLA features plush leather seats, distinct neon signs, and gorgeous brickwork to create an intimate, devil-may-cry attitude to drink the night away. And with live music every Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll be singing the night away at NOLA.

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28 Vardon Ave, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Peel St</strong>
Photographed by Josie Withers.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Peel St

A unique blend of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Southeast Asian cuisine, Peel St is at the intersection of the culinary melting pot that is Australia. Using a diverse food selection with the best ingredients available means that their ever-changing menu is consistently high-quality. Providing a unique dining experience to Adelaide their menu includes the likes of banana blossom salad and satay grilled beef with roasted rice. So if you’re looking to taste the world, meet up at Peel St.

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9 Peel St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Sunny's Pizza</strong>
Photographed by Daniel Pervis.
Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.

Sunny's Pizza

In the narrow Solomon Street alleyway lies one of the Best Pizza Places in Adelaide. Sunny’s Pizza looks to bring a new energy to the Italian classic; you won’t find meat lovers on this menu. Instead, this Adelaide eatery focuses on a narrow yet delicious menu, such as their #5 pizza with pork sausage, provolone, San Marzano and ricotta salata. While the food is experimental, the interior is decidedly retro: neon lights, engrossing disco balls, and in-house DJs makes Sunny’s Pizza feel close to a nostalgic pizza party with friends, passing all the vibe checks with flying colours.

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17 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000
Photographed by Jonathan Van Der Knapp. Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.


Sushi and booze. What more could you want? Welcome to Umaii, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Adelaide! Hanging off Currie Street, Umaii focuses on offering the best sustainably sourced and expertly prepared sushi to Adelaide. Using only the freshest local and internationally sourced produce, Umaii is more than proud of their ocean to plate stance. Inside this cool eatery you’ll find 80s Japanese decor housed in pops of timber accents. An izakaya, a restaurant, a bar and, most of all, a must visit in 2024!

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27 Currie St, Adelaide, SA 5000

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Feature image: NOLA, Adelaide. Photographed by Lewis Potter. Image via South Australian Tourism Commission.
This article was first published on May 13 2023. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on April 13 2024.