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The 8 Best Cocktail Bars and Nightclubs in Adelaide 2022

Adelaide Bar Nightclub Drinks South Australia

Enjoy a drink and boogie your night away at these great bars and nightclubs in Adelaide!

When one thinks of Adelaide, amazing nightclubs and bars might not be front of mind. You’d be more likely to think of wine regions and spectacular art museums. Perhaps even the famed Adelaide Oval. But nightclubs and bars? Well, despite your confusion, they have, arguably, one of the best nightlife’s in Australia.

Most of Adelaide’s best bars are located in the northern end of the CBD, but, like any city, you could easily stumble upon one anywhere. Perhaps even down a hidden flight of stairs. Have a classic bar crawl, swinging between venues through the night, or find a fancy venue to lounge out in.

So whether you’re looking for something hidden, something Instagrammable or even a bar with great cocktails; seek a vibrant nightlife with our list of the best bars and nightclubs in Adelaide of 2022:

<strong>Mary's Poppin</strong>
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Mary's Poppin

Mary’s Poppin is as whimsical as their name, looking like a spot where Alice from Wonderland could lose her mind in. Think shiny disco balls to colourful lasers, and the funkiest interior decor. This bar nightclub in Adelaide is a super queer-friendly venue, featuring the best drag queen acts one could ever see in South Australia, as well as the most delectable cocktails one could ever sip on.

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5 Synagogue Pl, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Jive Bar</strong>
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Jive Bar

If you were to ask a local where the best live bands are at, Jive will more than likely be top of the list. Jive showcases the greatest local, national and even international acts, and has been doing so for the last 18 years. It’s purposefully built for live performances. Expect a sunken dancefloor, so you can witness the greatest acts even from the bar as you order another round. One of the best bars in Adelaide!

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181 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Nineteen Ten</strong>
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Nineteen Ten

If you’re looking for a cocktail bar in Adelaide where great drinks and spectacular performances come to life, Nineteen Ten is for you. Think cabaret, burlesque, showgirls and magicians, and good old fashioned bands. Be sure to check out their calendar for what’s on, lest you be pleasantly surprised. Also, match your imbibe with a cheese or charcuterie board, and you’ve got a night to remember!

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143 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Fumo Blu</strong>
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Fumo Blu

Found somewhere down a small staircase on Rundle Street, Fumo Blu is a speakeasy that pays homage to the past while embracing the present day. Fumo Blu is Italian for Blue Smoke, a reference to the cigar and cognac bar that it once was. Today, you can expect theatrical cocktails and down-to-earth staff, along with just enough light to keep you keen. Just look for the blue sign and head down the stairs. One of the best hidden bars in Adelaide!

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270 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Lotus Lounge</strong>
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Lotus Lounge

Lotus Lounge seems to have a predilection for the 80s. You can see it in the new age interior, as well as the music. And the grooviness permeates, whether it’s a party on the weekend or a cheeky after-work sip in the cruisy courtyard during the week. If you love a cheeky cocktail, Lotus Lounge mixes up good classics and even brings their own specials. Ask the bartender to surprise you and you’ll soon realise why this is one of Adelaide’s best cocktail bars.

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<strong>Maybe Mae</strong>
Photographed by Jacqui Way Photography.
Image via Food & Wine Collective and South Australia Tourism Commission

Maybe Mae

As you can tell, Adelaide is not short of delectable cocktail bars. Take Maybe Mae for another example. Their cocktails are the staple of their businesses, putting much of their soul into their menu. We recommend the Golden Hour cocktail with apricot, local honey, allspice, St Agnes Bartender’s Cut Brandy and mezcal. It sure warms the loins! Take a seat at Maybe Mae and relax with a sip or three.

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15 Peel St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Proof Bar</strong>
Photographed by Josie Withers.
Image via South Australia Tourism Commission

Proof Bar

Proof Bar is all about the experience, from the moment you walk in to when it’s time to leave. It’s not just another Adelaide bar to drink at, it’s a place to feel totally at home and in your own element. Order your troupe a juicy charcuterie board and a couple of chardies to go with it. Or, you can take your taste buds on a journey through their cocktail menu. But, most importantly, feel at home at Proof Bar.

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9 Anster St, Adelaide, SA 5000
<strong>Hains & Co</strong>
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Hains & Co

Hains & Co specialise in spirits – namely gin, rum and, of course, whisky. They even sell takeaway cigars for those who want to feel on top of the world. Inspired by the open sea and the sailors who made it vibrant, Hains & Co hosts a cruisy atmosphere with all hands on deck. One of the best cocktail bars in Adelaide; come in for a classic mellow afternoon or make it a final stop after an adventurous evening.

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23 Gilbert Pl, Adelaide, SA 5000

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Feature image: Mary’s Poppin Adelaide. Image supplied.