World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations

There are some train commuters who experience the aggravating moment of missing a train by seconds. There are others who become professional power-walkers by needing to change trains within two minutes.

Then there are those who stop in their tracks for the world’s most beautiful train stations. These stunning designs would keep anyone around a little longer, see for yourself!

Grand Central Terminal, New York

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central is not only a transport system but a goldmine of shopping, dining options and Insta-worthy shots. One of its amazing attractions is the iconic Main Concourse, featuring the four-faced clock and a ceiling of 12 gold-leaf constellations and 2500 stars.


Dunedin Railway Station, New Zealand 

Travel back in time upon arrival at Dunedin Railway Station, a Flemish Renaissance-style building made of black basalt bricks, decorated with white Oamaru limestone facings. Equally as stunning, the inside Booking Hall showcases a Royal Doulton porcelain floor, arched doorways and gold adornments.


Southern Cross Station, Melbourne 

Southern Cross Station earned its designers, Grimshaw and Jackson Architecture, the Lubetkin Prize in 2007 and rightfully so. This incredible structure features glass wall panels, open spaces and a wave roof that shelters an array of food and drink options, services and miscellaneous stores. Talk about utility and aesthetics!


Central Station, Antwerp

There are some breathtaking structures in Belgium and Antwerp’s Central Station is no exception. After over a century of operating, this industrial grandeur still stands to wow visitors with its mass ensemble of stone, metal and glass. If you visit Antwerp, this must be in your itinerary.


Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa 

Standing at Kanazawa Station’s east entrance is the wooden Tsuzumi-mon Gate that gives a modern take on the traditional torii gate of a Japanese shrine. Walk through to enter the Motenashi Dome, an aluminium and glass structure that lets the light in and keeps the rain out.


Mayakovskaya Station, Moscow

Mayakovskaya Station is not an ordinary platform that you’ll bustle out of; it’s a museum that will make you walk with your head high. The stunning symmetry of steel columns arch to a ceiling that showcases a collection of 34 mosaic artworks. Check out this article by The Guardian for more about the station’s incredible history.


Union Station, Washington DC

Union Station has undergone a series of deterioration and redevelopment in the past century. It now stands as one of the world’s most jaw-dropping stations, featuring marble floors and staircases, and the Main Hall’s gilded ceiling of 23-karat gold.


Gare de Lyon, Paris 

Bonjour! Welcome to Gare de Lyon, the Parisian station that shows off an elegant exterior and clock tower that stands over 60 metres tall. Check out the station’s restaurant, Le Train Bleu! It’s a luxury haven, showcasing grand golden interior and a rich selection of dishes and wines that’ll fill foodies’ hearts.


Gare do Oriente, Lisbon 

If you go to Gare do Oriente, it’ll feel like walking into an abstract forest. Suspended above the train platforms is a massive lattice canopy, that is even more stunning at night. It’s a geometric piece of art you can truly admire without the hypnotising side-effect.


St Pancras International, London

Fusing ancient with modern, St Pancras International Station has the frontier of an elegant castle and an interior of concrete, glass and metal. It not only runs the most underground connections than any other station in London but also a number of high-street stores, dining options, and art and music events.