Embrace fine architecture at these most beautiful train stations around the world.

We all know that aggravating feeling of missing a train by seconds. Thankfully, we’re swapping out our power walking and slowing things down by exploring the world’s most beautiful train stations.

Whether you’re in New York, Australia, Japan or even in Europe, we’re stopping you in your tracks by exploring the world’s most famous and most beautiful train stations!

<strong>Antwerpen-Centraal</strong>, Antwerpen, Belgium
Photographed by Dennis van de Water. Image via Shutterstock.

Antwerpen-Centraal, Antwerpen, Belgium

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe, Antwerpen-Centraal should be at the top of your list. Just like every other breathtaking structure in Belgium, Antwerpen-Centraal is no exception. Despite after over a century of operating, this industrial grandeur still stands to wow visitors with its incredible ensemble of stone, metal and glass. At the top of any itinerary for any traveler, this train station’s architecture is of spectacular proportions.

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<strong>Dunedin Railway Station</strong>, Dunedin, New Zealand
Photographed by Ruslan Kalnitsky. Image via Shutterstock.

Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin, New Zealand

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, this one will have you feeling like you’ve traveled back in time. And, the Dunedin Railway Station in Dunedin New Zealand is sure to transport you to a Flemish Renaissance era. The building itself is made of black basalt bricks that was then decorated with Oamaru limestone facings. Apart from the bustling that you would usually expect from a famous train station, Dunedin Railway Station also features a Booking Hall with Royal Doulton porcelain floor, arched doorways and gold adornments.

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<strong>Estação do Oriente</strong>, Lisbon, Portugal
Photographed by fotorince. Image via Shutterstock.

Estação do Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal

Although we love São Bento Station in Portugal’s north, Estação do Oriente in Lisbon makes the list as one of the most spectacular railway stations in the world. Designed to make visitors feel as if they are walking into an abstract forest, there’s no denying that this train station is a architectural marvel. Here, suspended above the train stations you’ll be amazed by the massive lattice canopy that lights up at night. A geometric piece of art that hypnotises those who admire it, it’s easy to understand why Estação do Oriente is one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe.

<strong>Grand Central Terminal</strong>, New York, United States
Photographed by Sean Pavone. Image via Shutterstock.

Grand Central Terminal, New York, United States

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal (or famously known as Grand Central Station) is not only a transport system, but a goldmine of shopping, dining options and Insta-worthy shots. One of the most beautiful train stations in the world and a great spot to people watch, if you plan on visiting Grand Central Terminal, we recommend checking out its iconic Main Concourse that features a four-faced clock, a ceiling of 12 gold-leaf constellations and 2500 stars.

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<strong>Kanazawa Station</strong>, Kanazawa, Japan
Photographed by Richie Chan. Image via Shutterstock.

Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa, Japan

Although it’s not one of the busiest train stations (Shinjuku Station in Japan is), Kanazawa Station takes the title for being one of the most spectacular railway stations in the world. Combining a mix of culture, tradition and modern fare, here at Kanazawa Station’s east entrance you’ll find the wooden Tsuzumi-mon Gate to embrace a traditional torii Japanese shrine. From here visitors will be able to walk through to enter the Motenashi Dome – an aluminum and glass structure – that lets the light in and keep the rain out.

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<strong>Mayakovskaya</strong>, Moscow, Russia
Photographed by Marco Rubino. Image via Shutterstock.

Mayakovskaya, Moscow, Russia

Mayakovskaya in Moscow isn’t your ordinary train station that you’ll bustle out of. It feels like a museum that will make you walk with your head held high. One of the most beautiful railway stations in the world, Mayakovskaya features a stunning symmetry of steel columns to arch over a ceiling that showcases a collection of 34 mosaic artworks. With an incredible history, it’s easy to realise why this spectacular railway station is so famous.

<strong>Paris Gare de Lyon</strong>, Paris, France
Photographed by V_E. Image via Shutterstock.

Paris Gare de Lyon, Paris, France

Most travelers visit Paris to see the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. But, for us, its Paris Gare de Lyon – one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe. With an elegant exterior, this beautiful train station stands out thanks to its 60-metre tall clock tower. To pay homage to its location, Paris Gare de Lyon is also home to Le Train Bleu which is far from any train station restaurant you’ve ever seen. We’re talking a grand, golden interior and a rich selection of dishes. Talk about travelling in style!

<strong>Southern Cross Station</strong>, Melbourne, Australia
Photographed by Neale Cousland. Image via Shutterstock.

Southern Cross Station, Melbourne, Australia

A touch away from the Yarra River and Marvel Stadium is Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Evidentially earning its designers, Grimshaw and Jackson Architecture, Southern Cross Station won the Lubetkin Prize in 2007 and rightfully so. This train station’s architecture is one of its kind thanks to the glass wall panels, open spaces and a waxed roof that shelters an array of food and drink options, services and miscellaneous stores. With functionality and aesthetics at their forefront, we understand why this is considered as one of the most famous Australian train stations.

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<strong>St Pancras International</strong>, London, United Kingdom
Photographed by Alexey Fedorenko. Image via Shutterstock.

St Pancras International, London, United Kingdom

With a frontier of an elegant castle and an interior that combines concrete, glass and metal, St Pancras International in London is the perfect example of how ancient can fuse with modern. Apart from being one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe, it is also one of the most famous and busiest train stations in the world as it has one of the most underground connections. With high-street stores, dining options, art and even music events; St Pancras International is a spectacular infrastructure that you must visit.

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<strong>Washington Union Station</strong>, Washington DC, United States
Photographed by Andrea Izzotti. Image via Shutterstock.

Washington Union Station, Washington DC, United States

When we think of the most famous and beautiful train stations in the United States, we automatically think of Grand Central Terminal. However, Washington Union Station is bound to catch your eye even more. After undergoing a series of deterioration and redevelopment in the past century, Washington Union Station now stands as one of the most spectacular railway stations in the world. With marble floors, a charismatic staircase and the Main Hall’s gilded ceiling of 23 karat gold, this train station embraces architecture and beauty all in one.

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Feature image: Antwerpen-Centraal, Antwerpen, Belgium. Photographed by Dennis van de Water. Image via Shutterstock.
This article was first published on July 03 2018. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on May 25 2023.