Embark on a delicious, dessert-themed road trip as we discover the best vanilla slices in Australia!

Trying to find where the best vanilla slices in Australia are? We’ve got you!

Vanilla slices are one of the most beloved desserts in Australia, and for good reason. Creamy custard sandwiched between layers of puff pastry, topped with a generous coating of icing sugar.

If you love vanilla slices just as much as we do, you’re in for a treat. We’ve scoured the country to find the most scrumptious, drool-worthy, and finger-licking good vanilla slices that will make you go “wow”. These are not your average snot blocks, folks. These are the cream of the crop, the top of the pops, the bakeries that have perfected the ultimate combination of crunchy pastry, smooth custard, and sweet icing that will make your taste buds sing.

<strong>Banana Boogie Bakery</strong>
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Banana Boogie Bakery

When it comes to sweet, baked goods in South Australia, you can’t look past Banana Boogie Bakery. They sell everything you could ever dream of: from tarts to doughnuts, to mince pies and anything else they feel like making. But it’s their vanilla slice that has captivated Australia. As well as the usual creamy vanilla custard sandwiched between puff pastry, Banana Boogie Bakery tops them off with glaze icing and squiggles of chocolate. For some of the best vanilla slices in South Australia, there’s nothing better than Banana Boogie Bakery in Belair.

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10 Main Rd, Belair, SA 5052
<strong>Bourkies Bakehouse</strong>
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Bourkies Bakehouse

Right in the northwest of Melbourne lies one of the best vanilla slices in the country.  A country style bakery and cafe in Woodend, Bourkies Bakehouse has been serving Australia’s favourite snacks for over 30 years including scrumptious meat pies, sausage rolls, and freshly baked bread. But where Bourkies truly excels is their range of fresh vanilla slices, featuring crisp with puff pastry and vanilla custard, topped with a few dashes of icing sugar. Winning two awards in 2010, whether you eat-in or takeaway, come for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea, get on down to Bourkies Bakehouse.

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115 High St, Woodend, VIC 3442
<strong>Bridgewater Bakehouse</strong>
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Bridgewater Bakehouse

Bridgewater Bakehouse keep their vanilla slices simple: smooth vanilla custard, centred between two layers of puff pastry and topped with sweet glossy icing. This delectable Australian treat can be found in their Bridgewater and Bendigo shops, serving fresh vanilla slices and other scrumptious treats daily. Winning the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph two years in a row, having secured first place in 2018 and 2019; so, if you’re after a classic, no frills vanilla slice in Victoria, then make sure to visit the exquisite bakers at Bridgewater Bakehouse.

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Various Locations.
<strong>Flinders Vanilla Slice</strong>
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Flinders Vanilla Slice

Victoria is winning in this list of the best vanilla slices. At Flinders Vanilla Slice, you’ll find a truly traditional French vanilla slice – think creamy vanilla custard and crunchy puff pastry, topped with icing sugar. They’re most famous for holding the Guinness World Records for the largest vanilla slice that weighed in a whopping 508.11 kilograms. There are a few of their cafes scattered around the Melbourne metropolitan area, with Cheltenham being their most popular spot, meaning you’re never too far from a slice of heaven. For the biggest and best vanilla slices in the country, Flinders Vanilla Slice is a must.

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272 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham, VIC 3192
<strong>The French Lettuce</strong>
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The French Lettuce

With vanilla slices being a French invention, it’s no surprise that a French patisserie and bakery made this list. The French Lettuce in Carlton serves a vanilla slice that is filled with fluffy vanilla custard pressed between two layers of their specialty puff pastry and sprinkled with icing sugar. It’s ridiculously good – just like the rest of their menu that features the likes of cannoli, fruit danishes and a smorgasbord of croissants. Voted the best vanilla slice in Melbourne by The Age and UrbanList, say bonjour to The French Lettuce!

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237 Nicholson St, Carlton, VIC 3053
<strong>Gumnut Patisserie</strong>
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Gumnut Patisserie

If you want the best vanilla slice in Sydney, then you better venture out to Mittagong, Bowral or Berrima for Gumnut Patisserie. This award-winning bakery makes a truly unique vanilla slice, featuring three layers of puff pastry, with fluffy vanilla custard squeezed between and topped with vanilla fondant feathered with chocolate. Go for a day trip or weekend away, come back with a belly full of vanilla slice and other delicious treats from Gumnut Patisserie in New South Wales!

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<strong>North End Bakehouse</strong>
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North End Bakehouse

With crispy pastry, glistening icing, and gooey custard, it’s not hard to see how North End Bakehouse has become a vanilla slice institution. One of the most beloved bakeries in Victoria, North End Bakehouse in Shepparton has been hand-making delicious vanilla slices for years, with an award-winning recipe that was awarded the Australia’s Best Vanilla Slice of 2023 at the Baking Association of Australia. So if you are looking for a mouth-watering vanilla slice that will satisfy your sweet tooth, then visit North End Bakehouse in Shepparton before they sell out!

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2 Grant CT, Shepparton, VIC 3630
<strong>Preece’s at the Jetty</strong>
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Preece’s at the Jetty

Say hello to the best vanilla slice in all of Queensland, and it’s not that far from Brisbane! Sitting on the edge of the wharf in Redcliffe is Preece’s at the Jetty, a popular cage and restaurant that serves a hearty meal and tasty drinks. But where they stand out is their range of mouthwatering homestyle cakes and vanilla slices, made onsite at Preece’s at the Jetty daily. Using the traditional French technique, Preece’s vanilla slices feature two layers of puff pastry and vanilla custard in between, helping you take your mind off the summer heat. One of the best vanilla slices in Queensland.

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Redcliffe Pde, Redcliffe, QLD 4020
<strong>Ross Bakery Inn</strong>
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Ross Bakery Inn

Ross Bakery Inn is perhaps best known for its wood-fired pizza, but their delightful vanilla slice is just as amazing. In fact, they have a sign calling it the “world’s best vanilla slice”. It’s a decent serving of creamy vanilla and puff pastry, giving a soft crunch as you bite into it. And it’s made all the more special when it’s served to you on nanna’s fine China. Ross Bakery Inn resides in rural Tasmania, perfect for a day trip or weekend away! So dig into Ross Bakery Inn for some of the best vanilla slices in Tasmania!

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15 Church St, Ross, TAS 7209
<strong>Vanilla Slice Cafe</strong>
Photographed by Kazuki Yamakawa. Image via Shutterstock.

Vanilla Slice Cafe

Named after the thing they are most famous for, it’s no wonder they made the list of Australia’s best vanilla slice! The Vanilla Slice Cafe is a fancy little spot on the main strip of Sorrento, Victoria. And as well as showcasing a menu fit for a royal, they also serve one of the best vanilla slices in the country. It shares crispy pastry layers, plum jam, succulent custard cream and topped with a generous coating of icing sugar. Matched with a coffee or hot chocolate and you’ve got the better part of an afternoon.

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23 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento, VIC 3943

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Feature image: Bridgewater Bakery, Victoria. Image supplied.
This article was first published on November 18 2021. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on May 06 2024.