Bring home the bacon in style – maple syrup and whisky-infused bacon that is.

You’ve heard of peanut butter whisky. Heck, there’s even been a world-first sourdough whisky from the guys over at Westward. But, what about a whisky-infused meal?

Going free range, Melbourne-based company, Saltsmith, is now pushing the boundaries of whats possible when it comes to bacon. Specialising in hand-made, free-range bacon products that will change Australia’s perceptions of the humble bacon rasher, they are now making all of our dram dreams a reality.

Serious about quality, flavour and attention to detail, Saltsmith – the guys who specialise in streaky bacon – has now partnered up with a fellow Melbourne business, Starward Whisky, to combine the best of both worlds – whisky bacon.

Combining Victoria’s best free-range pork matched with innovative processing techniques, they have now created a completely unique product with unparalleled complexity. Meet Saltsmith x Starward Maple Whisky Bacon.

Cured and smoked to create new-world flavours, Saltsmith’s collaboration with much-loved Melbourne whisky makers, Starward, is here to change the bacon game.

From two mates, the legends behind Saltsmith, Simon Lawry and David Ball, set out on a mission for Australia to recognise that bacon is in fact the king of meats. Noticing a gap for high quality bacon, they grew their at-home charcuterie hobby to a bacon-based empire. And, when Starward Whisky’s founder, David Vitale, pitched the idea of a bacon and whisky flight night, Saltsmith then put forward a commercially-produced idea.

With years of experimentation and trials with different flavours, Saltsmith has since embraced a paddock-to-plate philosophy. Working directly with Victorian farmers, their products are free range accredited which ensures that not only are their products of high quality, but the animals are happier too. 

Using traditional processes, Saltsmith stands by the idea of utilising curing and smoking methods to create unique products. Each rasher is dry-cured for seven days and then cold smoked to create a new level of depth and complexity.

As for the Saltsmith x Starward Maple Whisky Bacon, with each bite it strikes the perfect balance between sweetness of the authentic Canadian maple syrup and then a distinct finish with the fruity maltiness Starward Whisky is renowned for.

Proving that innovation and experimentation of practices can create something new and different – even if it is as simple as the humble rasher of bacon – the team is proud to take the title that no one else in the Australian industry uses their techniques let alone their standout flavour combinations. A gastronomic bacon experience to say the least.

Where to buy the Saltsmith x Starward Maple Whisky Bacon? Available via the Queen Victoria Markets every Saturday, St Ali and online delivering up to 25 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. Otherwise, you can purchase Starward Whisky here.