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Westward Launches World-First Sourdough Whisky In Australia

Westward Sourdough Whiskey. Photographed by Carly Diaz. Image: Supplied

Who knew that bread and whisky go hand-in-hand?

Australia, get ready to knead together your tastebuds! Westward, the Oregon-based and high-rated distillery are treating us to their latest creation: the Westward Sourdough Whiskey. This unexpected and delicious expression of Westward Whiskey is a collaboration with award-winning Portland-based baker Ken Forkish (Flour Water Salt Yeast author). The flavoursome, fruity tipple is the most ambitious release to date and has previously only been available in Westward’s hometown of Oregon, USA.

“Westward is a whiskey of the elements, born of the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the American Northwest,” said Thomas Mooney, Founder and CEO of Westward Whiskey. “All of our expressions are focused on reimagining single malt and elevating American whiskey, and the Westward Sourdough Whiskey is a creative and delicious reflection of this.”

The Westward Sourdough Whiskey expression is made from scratch using Northwest two-row malted barley and Forkish’s sourdough levain starter, a blend of wild yeast.

Westward’s head distiller Miles Munroe propagated the starter with over 113 litres of whisky wash for one week before fermenting for 13 days – by far Westward’s longest and most challenging ferment to date. Then, the whisky is pot distilled twice and finally matured in a two-char, kiln-dried 200-litre new American oak barrels for over three years.

“This particular release is a celebration of our region’s world-renowned food culture, and it’s the fruitful conclusion of a creative journey that Ken Forkish and Westward founder and master distiller Christian Krogstad started over a few glasses of American single malt back in 2017,” Thomas continued.

“Outside Oregon, Australia is the first place we are releasing this delicious expression, so we hope Australians love it as much as we do.”

Westward representative Margot Jamieson said Australia was the first export market for Westward Whiskey, so it was a no-brainer to showcase their new sourdough whisky down under.

“Australia continues to be an exciting market of people who know great whiskey, are single malt lovers and are genuinely curious and want to try new spirits that are great quality,” Margo said.

“These combining factors have led to extremely strong growth in premium new world whiskey and a fantastic reception to Westward.”

“All of our Westward expressions are focused on reimagining single malt and elevating American whiskey, and the Westward Sourdough Whiskey is a creative and delicious reflection of this.”

Imported and distributed by Think Spirits in Australia, Westward Sourdough Whiskey will be available from February 2021 in select retailers. For more information, visit Westward Whiskey’s website.

<strong>Tasting Notes:</strong>
Photographed by Carly Diaz. Image supplied.

Tasting Notes:

Cocoa bean, bright peach, pineapple, rye spice

Juicy peach, coconut, macaroons, melon

Sandalwood, nutmeg, orange peel

90 proof, 45% ABV

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Feature image: Photographed by Carly Diaz. Image supplied.
Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted an experience by Westward Whiskey. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.