Stop browsing! We know what two gifts Aussie dads really want to receive this Father’s Day 2021. 

The countdown to Father’s Day 2021 is on. And, if you haven’t already purchased a present for your dad, you’re most likely scrambling around to find the perfect gift. But, what if we told you that we know exactly what gift dad wants to receive this Father’s Day?

With lockdowns and border closures in place, for some of us, this Father’s Day is going to look and feel a little different. Firstly, more than a third (37.8 per cent) of Australians surveyed by Hunter and Bligh say that they’ll be hosting an online celebration whether that be through Zoom, Facetime or just a phone call. Meanwhile, 22.1 per cent haven’t made any plans and, luckily, 31.7 per cent of us are still able to host a family meal or event.

With virtual celebrations taking the lead this Father’s Day 2021, it surprisingly hasn’t stopped us from splurging dad. Interestingly, although we may need to deliver gifts, 48.3 per cent of Australians are expected to spend more than usual on finding the best gift for our dads.

Before he pulls out the lengthy wish list, just how much are we willing to spend on presents this Father’s Day 2021?

Hunter and Bligh found that more than 70 per cent of Australians spend anything from $30 to $100 on Father’s Day gifts. 

The survey also found that seven in 10 (70.2 per cent) Aussies are confident that they know what to buy their dad – they admit that they don’t ask what he wants as a gift. Meanwhile, 29.8 per cent know that dad can be a bit fussy and always asks for his list.

Despite books, gift vouchers and practical gifts being at forefront of what we’d buy dad, Hunter and Bligh has found out the two gifts most Aussie fathers really want to receive… To keep him busy and entertained, more than half (52.2 per cent) of Aussie dads want to receive a hobby related gift.

As well as that, pouring up in second place, 45 per cent of Australian dads wish to receive alcohol as a gift this Father’s Day 2021 – specifically, three in 10 (32.8 per cent) have said a bottle of whisky.

But although we think that finding the best gift to buy our dads seems impossible, especially when he has you already, Hunter and Bligh has found out that Australian dads, grandfathers, uncles and father figures are a sentimental bunch. Fifty-eight per cent of the Australians surveyed admitted that they always love the presents they are given.

Even if a new pair of socks are much-needed, and that new bottle of whisky will go great in his collection, eight in 10 (87.5 per cent) of Aussie dads agree that most of all, they enjoy spending time with family on Father’s Day. Just don’t forget the card!

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Data received by Hunter and Bligh and conducted by CoreData Research, a global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy. The survey was conducted in August 2021 and received results from 1309 Australians.
Feature image: Photographed by Lazhko Svetlana. Image via Shutterstock.