For years, those of us who struggled with the digestion of lactose suffered (in not so much silence).

Then we were blessed with lactose-free sour cream, shredded cheese and cream. But never did a dollop of cream, a smidge of sour cream or a sprinkle of shredded cheese deserve a place on a Friday night cheese board. Unfortunately we were starved for incredibly creamy dairy to pair with our charcuterie and wine…until now that is.

Finally, the year 2020 has delivered us some positive, decadent and digestible news — Coolamon Cheese Co has launched Australia’s first-ever hand-crafted artisan lactose-free cheese range.

We’re not talking bland, cubed cheese. We’re talking the works: indulgent brie, rich blue vein, fetta and Cooluomi. Yes, even a cool new take on the Greek staple, halloumi.

Coolamon Cheese: Lactose-free Cooloumi. Image supplied

18 months in the making, this new range showcases the brand’s ethos of combining innovation with the time-honoured craft of cheese making. It heroes the single source New South Wales ingredients used in all their cheeses including the acclaimed local Riverina Milk and the ‘traditional yet progressive’ spirit of the local community which make Coolamon Cheese unique.

The lactose-free range includes five cheeses – Blue Vein, Soft Blue, Double Brie, Fetta and Cooloumi – and is already scooping global awards, the lactose-free Double Brie taking out a bronze medal at the coveted World Cheese Awards in Italy in 2019. Cheese awards — our new favourite pastime.

“We pride ourselves on making only artisan hand-crafted cheese using the inimitable Riverina Dairy Milk,” says master cheese maker, Jennifer Nestor.

“Given those intolerant or sensitive to lactose, a simple sugar found in cows milk, cannot digest it properly, I was determined to meet the challenge in creating soft lactose-free cheeses using this award-winning milk as it truly is the key to our full-bodied, rich cheeses.”

Over the course of creating the new range, Jenn pioneered the use of natural lactase enzymes, enabling the brand to offer its customers assurance that no-one whatsoever needs to sacrifice either the quality or the taste of true, artisan-made cheese. What’s more, pricing is the same as the non-lactose-free range, the company firmly believes in offering this new range at an affordable price.

Before you rush to inhale each of these sensational cheesy treats, we want to share our tip. The tip of which you need to buy double of. Or triple. Sharing is caring and all, but sometimes you need a little stash just for yourself.

Coolamon Cheese Double Cream Brie. Image supplied.

Hands down, there are two extra-premium picks. Load up on the Double Brie and Soft Blue. You won’t be disappointed. The Double Cream Brie is mild in strength, soft, silky and ever so creamy. It has a complex earthiness to it, with a hunt of mushroom from the rind. It’s superb. The Double Cream Soft Blue is rich and creamy, has a slight crumbliness to its texture and melts on the palate. If you’re a blue-lover, this is for you.

So where can you get your hands on these delicious and digestion-friendly cheeses? Head to the Coolamon Cheese website now to order. Brie-lliant!

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Coolamon Cheese Co. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.