We decorate our homes, our front yards and our trees, but what about edible decorations for the table?

If you’d like to take your hosting skills to the next level check out our top 3 creative entertaining ideas thanks to our friends at IGA! Think edible wreaths, Christmas tree platters and cheese stacked Christmas trees.


We all love antipasto (thank you Italy), and now you can love it even more by creating this festive and delicious wreath.
Simply purchase: Prosciutto, ham, sopressa, twiggy sticks, fetta, mixed olives and rocket + an ornament of your choice.
1. Scatter the rocket around the edge of the board, creating a circle base to build on top of.
2. Twist and fold the prosciutto, ham, and sopressa at different angles and place around the top of the wreath. Be sure to leave some of the rocket still poking out underneath.
3. Crumble the fetta around the top of the wreath.
4. Grab a handful of olives and place around the wreath.
5. Place your Christmas decoration in the middle!


Upgrade your platter skills with this easy and joyful tree platter design!
Simply purchase: Prosciutto, ham, sopressa, crackers, cheddar & cabanossi plus grapes, fresh bay leaves and starfruit for decoration. If you have some ribbon on hand, keep some aside for the final touch.
1. On the board fold and scrunch the prosciutto in a wide layer near one end of the platter board (you want to leave about a hands width of space between the edge of the board and the prosciutto).
2. Create the next layer above the prosciutto by folding and twisting the ham. Make this layer slightly less wide than the prosciutto layer (we want each new layer to work up to the tree point at the top).
 Next layer, roll up the individual salami pieces and place diagonally in a line.
4. Above the salami, place the cheese (cubed preferably).
5. The last layer is the cabanossi or kabana. Slice these on an angle and place into a point for the top of the tree.
6. Place your star decoration at the apex of the tree (this can either be a sliced starfruit, or decoration of your choosing).
7. Create the trunk of the tree by neatly stacking a handful of crackers in a line to the edge of the board.
 Place your grape and ribbon decorations on top of the tree where you choose. Add in a few of the bay leaves around the tree levels to create the look of “leaves”.


For all the cheese fans out there, Christmas may have come early. Why not create a Christmas tower of the good stuff for your centrepiece?!

Simply purchase:
2x Cheddar 200g, 4x Camembert wheels 200g, 2x Blue Brie 200g, 3x Cream Cheese 200g, crackers, quince paste, apricots, dried figs, grapes, dried berries, 2 tiered cake stand and small bowl.
1. On the top level of the cake stand, place 3 Camembert Cheeses in the middle, sitting next to each other.
2. Cut the Cheddar square into triangles, place a triangle in the gaps in between each camembert wheel.
3. Next cut the Blue Brie wheels in half. Place on top of the Camembert wheels covering the corners where the Cheddar is placed underneath
4. In the gaps between the Blue Brie, place small bunches of grapes.
5. Next cut the Cream Cheese wheels in half and place back to back on top of the Blue Brie.
6. Place the final Camembert wheel on top, and then the final Cream Cheese on top in a single stack
7. Now for decorating! On top of the cheese tower, place some dried cranberries or other berries of your choice.
8. Finally, place around the bottom tier of the cake stand the grapes, dried figs, quince paste (this looks prettiest if you place in a small white bowl), and crackers.