The newest app is now available for your smartphone. EatClub – will be a mealtime saviour for any food enthusiast.

In a nutshell, EatClub was designed specifically for Melbournians who love food, a good deal and something that’s definitely local.

Designed by Matt Cantelo, Ben Tyler, Pan Koutlakis and renowned celebrity chef Marco Pierre White; EatClub is perfect for those stuck in an office wanting to spice up their lunchtime break or an evening out with something more than cheap and oily Chinese or a toasted ham sandwich.

EatClub works by restaurants in the Melbourne district to offer deals to its users for dining at an off-peak or slower period throughout the day or night. The apps users will receive a notification with live deals in two seconds.

Spare tables are a good thing!

It’s as simple as redeeming the mouth-watering deals in real time, to then eat out at a substantial discount.

+39 Pizzeria, Papa Goose, Richmond Oysters, White Oaks, Machi Japanese and Hooked are just to name the few restaurants available on EatClub.

White Oaks. Image Supplied.

If you’re not sold already, everyday EatClub has an exclusive offer twice a day for two lucky foodies – at a random time, with a random restaurant and an 100% off food deal will appear. The first user to redeem the exclusive discount will have their dining experience free of charge.

Each app can be personalised to your preference with how you like to search for nearby offers. Once an offer is redeemed, the deal will disappear from the option map.

It sure is first in best dressed.

Within its first two weeks of its launch, 10,000 users downloaded the EatClub app and by the first month more than 130 restaurants within Melbourne signed up to this alternate dining experience.

With its live interaction with Melbourne food lovers, it’s definitely a dining game changer. EatClub is a world first platform that wants to help you eat out more often and for less.

EatClub‘s vision is to build on the vibrant dining scene – encouraging people to eat out more often.

For more information visit EatClub