Mode Kitchen & Bar
Ground Floor, Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
199 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Mon – Sun 12pm – 10:00pm

Would you like to celebrate all things deliciously Australian? 

Well now you can, and in elegant style within Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel thanks to Mode Kitchen & Bar. Today marks the launch of a fresh new dining series that celebrates Australia’s rich and vibrant produce and shines a light on the wonderful growers and suppliers who help deliver it to our plates.

Whilst we love all of Australia and its glorious abundance of produce, this menu hones in on the sensational food and wine range of our little sister, South Australia. Not only is SA home to the city of churches, the renowned Barossa and Kangaroo Island, but its diverse micro-climates, multi-faceted landscape and distinct regions that nurture some of Australia’s finest citrus, fruits, berries, oysters, mussels and organic vegetables. Oh, did we forget to mention the quality meats like saltbush lamb, beef and kangaroo?

Italian born, Chef Francesco Mannelli is the driving force behind the menu launch – fitting as the stunning produce from SA is grown in Mediterranean climate conditions, warm, dry summers and mild winters. Mannelli has chosen to highlight several of the region’s most prolific producers including Goolwa Pipico, Clean Seas Seafood, Mayura Station and Woodside Cheese Wrights.

Chef Francesco Mannelli, image via WeAreExample

Ok, so what did we think of it?
We were very fortunate enough to attend a tasting of the highly anticipated menu, and let us tell you, it’s an absolute must try. Every dish on offer was artistically curated, presented and laden with sensational fresh flavours. The execution of each course highlights the diversity of Aussie produce, challenged your usual palate and made you fall in love with everything this stunning country has to offer. To embark on your culinary South Australian exploration be sure to try our highlights below.

We all know everything starts off better with a cocktail and the bartenders at Mode Kitchen and Bar clearly are genius mixologists. The winner of the evening, a cocktail masterpiece that encased the landscape made of Kangaroo Island Wild Gin, Kangaroo Island Mulberry Gin, lime, sugar and lemon thyme.

And the evening only got better.

The first dish to devour is the Hiramasa Kingfish Sashimi with macadamia, sweet & sour sauce and pickled onion. An artistic watercolour display of pastel pink kingfish delicately tossed with toasted macadamias, juicy currents, fuchsia pickled onion and a splash of delectably addictive sauce.

Another dish from the sea that cannot be missed is the Wood-Fire Coffin Bay Octopus with chickpeas, sea succulents and paprika. Not only is the dish stunning, but every bite was also rich and bursting with flavour. The smokey charring of the octopus, paired with the crisp crunch of the chickpeas and popping succulents was honestly an experience to remember. When asked, Chef Francesco Mannelli even noted this was his favourite dish on the menu. It was truly perfetto!

The last must eat main is the Grilled Mayura Station Wagyu Tri Pip MB 9+ with balsamic onion. The incredible flavour of this dish is hard to convey. So simple, yet moorish and now one of our favourite pieces of beef to get in Sydney. The heavenly slices sit upon each other, swimming in a small pool of sweet reduction. The charred and sticky half onion, white onion foam and topping of fresh pea sprouts are the perfect fresh pairing. The dish is taken to the next level when accompanied by a glass of full-bodied 2017 Torbreck, Hillside Vineyard, Barossa Valley Shiraz and Roussanne. Only thing is, if you’re not a fan of fairly rare meat this one may not be for you.

Grilled Mayura Station Wagyu Tri Tip MB 9+, Balsamic Onion: Image via WeAreExample

And what better way to finish any meal than with cheese. No ordinary cheese, but Woodside Cheese Wrights artisan crafted cheese; with standouts including The Monet, a 2012 Australian Grand Dairy award champion Chevre covered in a selection of special herbs and edible organic flowers and the Lemon Myrtle Chevre, made from local goats milk and lightly rolled in Lemon Myrtle from Reedy Creek – perfectly paired with fresh apples and pears, plus an array of many other cheeses.

So, if you’re ready to explore the tantalising tastes of South Australia whilst remaining in Sydney step into Mode Kitchen and Bar.

Feature image via Mode Kitchen and Bar: Hiramasa kingfish sashimi sweet sour onions macadamia.