Are you strong and tough? Is only the best good enough?

Bored with your job, or thinking of a change? Well, Australia, it’s time to relive all your childhood fantasies, don your finest cowboy hat, and line-up for the opportunity of a lifetime, because Nestlé is hiring a Milkybar Kid-ult. That’s right- the icon from the famous ‘80s and ‘90s ads is back, and this time, it could be you! 

To celebrate the launch of its new grown-up chocolate, the Milkybar Whirl (a creamy Milkybar with a mature swirl of smooth milk chocolate – yum!), Nestlé is advertising this new and enviable role. 

The successful applicant will be burdened with a huge range of responsibilities including taste-testing new flavours and being featured in upcoming marketing campaigns.

And if you’re worried you don’t have a suitable uniform, don’t worry! The new Milkybar Kid-ult will receive a custom-made outfit (just imagine whipping that bad boy out at Halloween!) and, of course, a supply of the new Milkybar Whirl to share with friends and family – because after all, the Milkybars will be on you!

Nestlé’s head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan said “there’s a Milkybar kid in all of us, and the team really wanted to give us adults a chance to get lost in the nostalgia.

“We know Australians fondly remember the Milkybar kid, so we’re excited that Milkybar Whirl is giving the nation an opportunity to relive their childhood. We’re looking for an ultimate Kid-ult, someone who’s still a kid at heart – but don’t worry, spectacles and freckles from the original ads are not necessary!”

Applications for the role will close on Friday 19 June, and require a 30-second video explaining why you’re the person for the job! You can find the job listing here but you’ll have to beat us to get it!

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