We want food and we want it now. 

It’s clear that Aussies are low on time, low on patience yet high on the food-loving scale, especially when it’s delivered. And as we embark on a new decade we suspect that our hunger for food brought to our homes will only increase.

One of the delivery services we praise the heavens for is Menulog, who in turn, not only dish us with meals but also, data. Data on what Australians really looked like and consumed in 2019. Here’s how we fared.

Aussies are a simple people. 

Note: We’re not judging, we’re guilty too.
It turns out that the humble Margherita Pizza takes the crown for Australia’s dish of the year in 2019, leading as the nation’s favourite dish to order every single day, except Monday. It’s true, sometimes less is more. But why not Mondays? It seems Aussies’ needed a little pick me up to fight the terrible case of Monday-itis. The cure? Spicy Pad Thai – it trumped Menulog orders at the start of each week.

Margherita Pizza. Image via Shutterstock

Margherita Pizza. Image via Shutterstock

NSW loves a little Laksa.

The most populated state shared a real love for a delicious bowl of Laksa, topping the country for the most orders (60% of all orders), especially during winter. However, NSW wasn’t alone. Across the nation, Laksa orders outnumbered orders of Pho, Ramen and Wonton Noodle Soup combined.

Melbournians are always hungry and probably nocturnal. 

We get it. Melbourne is filled with sensational eateries, foodie pockets and a bustling nightlife, and maybe that’s why the city had the most late-night orders for 2019. In fact, Australians all over seemed to be a little peckish, with late-night orders growing more year on year than orders placed before 9:00pm.

We like our ice cream…hot? 

Move over Messina, your scoops are drool-worthy, but it turns out we like it a little naughtier. January 2019 was Australia’s hottest month on record, which sparked a high volume of orders for icy cold soft drinks, spiking 62% year on year this summer. Ice-cream too rose by almost a third, but it was their fried counterpart, fried ice-cream, who reigned supreme with stronger year on year growth than the traditional cold treat.

Fried Ice Cream. Image by Lena Ivanova. Image via Shutterstock

Fried Ice Cream. Image by Lena Ivanova. Image via Shutterstock

The Sunshine Coast like to make it rain.

Give The Star Gold Coast a miss next year, The Sunshine Coast is where the ballers are…ballers who like to spend money on food delivery. They’re the best kind. The beautiful sun-drenched city is now known for having the biggest online food spend for 2019, with Indian, pizza and Thai taking centre stage. If you had a beach like that on your doorstep would you be inside cooking? No.

Clearly someone forgot they were hosting…

Now, we’ve got a feeling this is a Mrs Doubtfire kind of situation. Where the food didn’t turn out and you need to impress so you order in. But on a major-party-like scale. They’ve either not had a great day in the kitchen or they’ve completely forgotten. Either way, this host had great taste picking Greek cuisine from Plateia Where Friends Meet at Potts Point in Sydney and dropped a cool $1,196.50.