Want to sweeten someone’s day?

My Sweet Box is the solution for every occasion – whether you’re searching for the perfect gift, trying to say sorry or simply celebrating any of life’s happiest occasions, My Sweet Box’s irresistible treats are what you need.

With a delectable range of donuts, cronuts and scrolls, there’s everything from glorious gourmet creations to gluten-free treats, spanning a dazzling array of flavours that include Golden Gay Time donuts, Nutella Hazelnut cronuts, Salted Caramel donuts with Butterscotch Popcorn and eighteen different scroll flavours.

To make the deal extra sweet, the confectionary inside are also accompanied by unique touches including balloons, mini Nutella Jars, Nutella filled personalised syringes and mini or full-size bottles of liquor. To top it all off, the desserts come in gift boxes that can be completely customised and fitted with a personalised message.

And for those of you who want to give a sugary twist to tradition, My Sweet Box also offers jaw-dropping bouquet arrangements – except instead of flowers, your loved one will be greeted with the welcome sight of ten stunning Nutella donuts.

The difference is in the details at My Sweet Box, with every item baked fresh daily from premium quality products. Each donut, cronut and scroll is carefully crafted to give your tastebuds a treat they’ll never forget.

My Sweet Box currently delivers all across Sydney, with next day delivery for orders placed by 3pm the previous day.

Visit My Sweet Box for all the details.

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