2020 has been a sour year, to say the least…

If you thought 2020 was sour, wait until you try Allen’s latest release to hit the shelves. Meet Allen’s Sourz Snakes Alive.

The new Sourz Snakes Alive is equally as soft, juicy and stretchy as its predecessor, and come in a range of much-loved original Snakes Alive flavours including; zesty lemon, luscious strawberry, juicy blackberry, tasty pineapple and sweet apricot. However, these Sourz Snakes have been transformed with a sour coating to create a bold and fun-flavoured experience.

Nestlé’s head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan says, “Snakes Alive are a long-time favourite with lolly fans, so we have combined this with the power of sour to blow Aussies away with these tasty new lollies.”

Allen’s Sourz Snakes Alive 170g is available exclusively for RRP $2.95 at all Woolworths stores nationwide this month.

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