100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000
Monday – Sunday: 12pm-11pm
(02) 9052 5383

One of Sydney’s best French restaurants, Été, launched their Autumn menu last week. We were lucky enough to dine in the mighty fine.

Barangaroo’s 6 month old, seasonally changing French restaurant Été, is potentially our stomachs new happy place. Last Tuesday we were invited to the launch of their new Autumn menu, and boy are we happy about it. Not only does the menu change, the decor, floral arrangements and wine changes too.

Walk in any time on an Autumn evening and you’ll be greeted by warm mood lighting, a mix of jazz and blues music, seasonal Autumnal flora and the perfect balance of timber, tile and glass – ever so slightly Scandinavian and perfectly modern French.

We were treated to a set menu, offering up the best of the Autumn menu (pretty sure it was everything off the menu). Été kicked off the sitting with house made and artisan charcuterie, a fool proof and guaranteed winner paired with a glass of Petite Cordon, a New Zealand sparkling wine. The entrees offered up the choice of two wines, a Chardonnay, Beaujolais Blanc by Dominic Piron, french of course, and a south-west French wine, courtesy of Chateau Bellevue La Foret. Naturally we had a glass of both! Then came the food, starting with prawns in a Vermouth emulsion, blue eye with oyster and mustard Beurre Blanc (butter sauce, yum) and coastal succulents.

By this stage we were comfortably in food heaven and living it up amongst serious #foodporn.
Then came the main.

Slow braised, fall-off-the-bone, slow cooked to perfection lamb neck, roast carrots in navarin sauce and ancient grains… The most delectable combination of grain, lentils and vegetables.
The main was served alongside Pommes Puree, aka mashed potato. But this was no ordinary mash, this was a soup like, buttery, soft; silky smooth, the-insides-of-my-body-are-so-happy mashed potato.

And no, that is no exaggeration.

But it got even better and our stomachs did a kind of happy dance/too much food celebration.
Dessert brought the arrival of the Assiette Mignardise, a selection of Été’s finest desserts – in mini. Among at least 10 mini mouth-watering treats (yes, we lost count), we’re talking mini Macaroons, mini Éclairs, Crème brûlée, chocolate Onctueux, Tarte du Jour and these unbelievable (forgive our French and lack of cooking genius) Meringue, popcorn, caramel things on a stick.


If you’re after fine dining that will leave your tummy and taste buds in heaven, we’ve found it.
Do yourself a favour, jump onto their website, have a look around and rèserver une table!