With this easy-to-make Vegan Greek Lamb Salad, you’ll be definitely be making some friends!

Just as the festive season rolls around, summer starts to scorch our days and home entertaining now becomes a norm once again; we’re looking to share some delightful, summer-ready recipes.

Besides the growing health benefits – highly nutritious, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and assisting with weight loss – switching to a plant-based meal is now more delicious than ever thanks to vEEF. They are an Australian-made meat alternative that aims to help Aussies feel good about eating good.

Never compromising on taste or texture, thanks to vEEF, this easy Greek Pulled Vegan Lamb Salad will not only win over your tastebuds, but your guests too!

Duration: 20 minutes | Difficulty: Easy | Servings: 2


1 coss lettuce
1 cucumber
1 avocado
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
1 feta cheese (I would recommend Bio Cheese)
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
1 vEEF Artisan Pulled “Lamb”


1. In a medium pan drizzled with oil, caramelise the pulled vEEF Artisan Pulled “Lamb” for around 6 minutes. Set aside to slightly cool.

2. Then, to make the salad, clean and chop the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Toss and place in a salad bowl, adding the avocado last.

3. In a small bowl, mix the lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Dress the salad.

4. Finally, top the salad with the chopped chives, feta cheese and cooked lamb. Serve and enjoy!

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