Sometimes less is more, even in sugar form. 

Believe it or not, Aussie confectionery legend, Darrell Lea has never released a plain ‘n’ simple choccy block…until now.

The 100% Australian owned and made company has launched its first-ever classic milk chocolate block after an intensive fan campaign. Turns out these Darrell Lea fans had been pleading with the confectioner to fulfil their classic milk chocolate block wishes for years. Tim York, CEO of Darrell Lea said, “Now that we have an award-winning range of blocks on the market, this seemed like the perfect time to do it”. And we agree, an isolation chocolate-fix done right.

The delicious 170g block comes in a pretty lilac package – a nod to Darrell Lea’s heritage spanning almost 100 years of making confectionery right here in Australia.

Better yet, the seriously smooth and creamy milk chocolate has a higher cocoa content compared to other blocks on the market, proving Aussie-made is always best.

But, for those of you who like it bitter, rejoice as Darrell Lea has also graced us with the perfect dark chocolate block. Rich and full-bodied, each piece melts-in-your-mouth to create a decadent velvety chocolate sensation.

Darrell Lea's latest release: Milk and Dark Chocolate blocks. Image supplied

Darrell Lea’s latest release: Milk and Dark Chocolate blocks. Image supplied

You can pick up both 170g chocolate-filled blocks from Woolworths or independent supermarkets for $5.

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Feature image by Charisse Kenion via Unsplash