You don’t want to fast-forward on this one.

Australia, get ready to settle in as we’ve found research-backed results that name Australia’s best streaming service platforms. And the results are binge-worthy.

With a handful of streaming platforms on offer across both video and music services, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing content on the go. Thankfully, we’ve been able to identify the best streaming services in Australia according to Hunter and Bligh members who were asked to rank and nominate their favourites.

And it seems it’s it’s finally time for Foxtel and YouTube to make way for the new players in town.

First up, for our movie, TV series and documentary fiends, American content platform and production company Netflix has taken the title as Australia’s most used video streaming service being subscribed to. Around 69 per cent of Australians are subscribed to Netflix, while less than a third (30 per cent) of Aussies are signed up to the Australian-owned service Stan.

Netflix took the win, with more than half (62.9 per cent) of Aussies preferring the award-winning hub when asked if they could only choose one video streaming out of the group, followed by Amazon Prime Video (29 per cent) and Disney+ (24 per cent).

On average, Australians are subscribed to at least three video streaming services.

Spending up to two hours on streaming platforms each day, at least half (51.8 per cent) of Australians know exactly what they want to watch when it comes to their subscribed video-streaming platforms taking them less than 10 minutes to decide on what to watch. Otherwise, we’re quite the indecisive bunch as it can take us anything from 30 minutes to an hour to choose between Stranger Things, The Crown, The Umbrella Academy or, for the kid-ults, Big Mouth.

Preferring streaming platforms over free-to-air and catch up TV, apart from two-thirds of us being subscribed, we also believe that Netflix is also home to some of the best original content with Apple TV+ and YouTube sitting at the lower end of the spectrum.

So what about music streaming services? Long gone are the days of purchasing CD’s, tapes and even vinyl’s as 51 per cent of us are subscribed to Spotify for their daily dose of head bopping. And although we thought that illegally downloading and other means of music listening methods were out the window, over a third (34 per cent) of Aussies are currently not subscribed to any music streaming platforms. Is LimeWire even still a thing?

Unlike digital video content platforms, 89 per cent of Aussies are subscribed to only one music streaming service. 

And interestingly, two-thirds of Australians pay for their own subscription accounts – with only 32 per cent of us scoring off either a friend or family members account.

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Data received by Hunter and Bligh and conducted by CoreData Research, a global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy. The survey was conducted in April 2021 and received results from 1003 Australians.