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Top 10 Travel Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix Now

Travel Flatlay. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.

Cure your travel woes with Netflix’s best travel shows to binge watch now.

International travel might be off the cards right now but you can still travel the world quarantine-style with a good old Netflix binge.

Grab some popcorn and your favourite blanket and get ready to be transported underwater in the deep ocean or to the snowy peaks of Himalayas whilst you stream. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your hunger cravings with a city’s best kept secret eats, get inspired or even just to have a laugh, Netflix has a range of travel shows which will have you updating your bucket list.

To help narrow down your list of where to start, we’ve found the 10 best travel shows you can stream on Netflix now!

Tales by Light

Unlike other travel shows, Tales by Light, takes you around the world through the eyes of photographers as they capture powerful images of ancient clans, active volcanoes and an elusive Himalayan snow leopard. As a collaboration between National Geographic and Canon, this show focuses on the photographers and the stories behind the images, including the many risky journeys they undertake visiting some of the most dangerous places on Earth. Tales by Light mesmerises audiences thanks to its different perspective, showing the wild and authentic stories that few can tell with justice.

Somebody Feed Phil

Phil Rosenthal, creator of beloved comedy sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, is not the most obvious choice for a travel host but this show proves that he was certainly the right one. In his food-centric Netflix show, Somebody Feed Phil, Phil shows he’s still a child at heart as he travels around the world in search of great food with his kid in a candy store approach. While this show might not be the most insightful, Phil adds a lot of heart and with three seasons under its belt, it’s definitely a binge-worthy series for hungry travel foodies craving something more.

Jack Whitehall Travels With My Father

When British comedian, Jack Whitehall (Bad Education), decided to bring his traditional father along on his gap year, he created a must-see travel show packed full of comedic charm. The father-son dynamic is pure comedy as Jack’s youthful eccentricities clash with his father’s traditional nature and dry humour. From hitting up Thailand’s full moon beach party in a suit to taking part in Odessa’s clown festival, this travel duo makes for a travel show that’s funny, touching and shows the ever-changing bond between father and son. 

Street Food

Netflix’s latest food documentary series shifts away from the pomp and circumstance of Michelin star fine dining and explores the other side of the culinary world- street food. With a focus on Asia and a second series on Latin America coming soon, the series shows how street dishes are more than just food, they’re a representation of the local food culture. By exploring its connection to the locals, Netflix’s Street Food is able to delve into the lives of the people who make it and uncover heartfelt stories of hardship, poverty and survival.

The Kindness Diaries

The Kindness Diaries is equally described as a travel series meets social experiment. The series follows former stockbroker, Logan Logothetis, who quit his day job and set out to travel the world relying only on the kindness of strangers for shelter, food and gas. In return, Logan gives back with his own good deeds such as building another school floor for the underprivileged in Peru or helping save 100 stray dogs in Ecuador. This wholesome documentary series aims to reignite hope in humanity’s goodwill and serves as a great distraction from the doom and gloom.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

To many Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat is hailed as a cooking show but to others, it’s a blissful mix of tastebud travel as the audience explores everywhere from California to Italy, Mexico and even Japan one mouthful at a time. As an accomplished chef and author, Samin’s deep appreciation for food shines through as she explores how different cultures use basic elements of cooking in their iconic dishes. Find out how the Japanese utilise salt with soy sauce and miso, or how acidic honey actually is in the Yucatan.  Both informative and entertaining, this show is a must-watch for foodies and amateur chefs looking to learn more about this mouthwatering skill.

Our Planet

Narrated by the iconic Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet is an award-winning documentary series showcasing the beauty of Earth. This eight-part series takes viewers to some of the most remote areas and delves into significant issues affecting our planet like climate change, land development and unethical capitalism. From the plains of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the coral reefs in Raja Ampat, this series is as equally visually-stunning as it is the best cure for your travel woes.

Ugly Delicious

Join James Beard award-winning chef, David Chang, as he travels to food hotspots in search of simply delicious food. Moving away from the clean, aesthetic shots found in other Netflix food series’ like Chef’s Table, Ugly Delicious is all about the taste. Each episode is a conversation, highlighting one dish or cuisine alongside commentary from fellow chefs, writers and other artists who gather and talk about the food whilst helping break down cultural barriers and the misconceptions surrounding it. And for a taste of something homegrown, you can check out David’s exploration of Sydney’s steak scene in the third episode of season two.

Conan Without Borders

Not many travel shows have cold opens, but Conan O’Brien stays true to his late night talk show roots in his mini-series Conan without Borders. If there’s one thing he knows how to do – it’s to entertain and that’s what makes this travel show so fun to watch. In this spin-off segment, Conan takes his show abroad as he stars in K-pop music videos, rents a fake family in Japan and learns how to make friends with Aussie slang. Conan without Borders is eccentric, amusing and a little bit chaotic, making for a truly entertaining watch.

Dark Tourist

Inspired by the emerging trend of dark tourism, this Netflix mini-series explores the dark and macabre tourist destinations around the world that are historically associated with death and tragedy.  Hosted by David Farrier, this eight-episode season takes you to death cults in Mexico and the radiation areas of Fukushima. This new form of tourism is both morbid and fascinating, however viewers who are curious in undertaking their own journey should remember to be responsible and respectful of the sites when doing so. 

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