Who ever said you didn’t make friends with salad was obviously eating the wrong salad.

Thankfully for Hunter and Bligh, we have met, fell in love and made seriously good buddies with the right kind of salad – meet Chargrill Charlies new Anti-Aging salad range.
As a fun and fresh (not to mention insanely healthy and delicious) collaboration with nutritionist Liv Kaplan (@livinbondi), the pair have created three nourishing, detoxifying and antioxident rich salads, jam packed with goodness to leave you full of energy and with glowing skin!

We were lucky enough to try the salads for lunch today and between you, our lovely members and the HB team – we may or may not have gone back for seconds and thirds. No judging, it’s salad.

So yes we hear you asking ‘what are they?’ Well get a load of this.

The Nourishing Rainbow Roast is a winter salads dream, or a long lunch must have. Chock-a-block with roasted eggplant, sweet potato, beetroot and carrot, tossed in with fresh spinach and crumbed feta – delicious goodness to boot. As your mother always tells you, health is all about colour. Fresh veggies rich in colours like purples, orange and green are those packed with antioxidents, polyphenols and phytochemicals (those sneaky little things that fight inflammation and obesity). The combination of veggies makes for not only a seriously delicious meal but one that provides an easy way to get a high dose of all micro nutrients in one hit!

If a serious hit of antioxidents is what you’re after, try Chargrills second offering, the Golden Glow Super Slaw – and super it is. A delightful and refreshing combination of Charlie’s famous chicken breast, shredded red cabbage, tossed with carrot, avocado, coriander and sesame seeds, plus a homemade tumeric almond dressing – literally health in a bowl. Again a base of colour for good measure, plus with the added (delicious) bonus of avocado which is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, making the beloved avo the ultimate beauty food (hello luscious hair, skin and nails). The added tumeric dressing only pushes the health benefits further, famed for it’s vitality producing properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

By this stage we are full, full of healthy goodness and when we think it can’t get better – it does. We’re not picking favourites, but if we simply had to pick one the Smoked + Spiced Vitality salad would be it. Think chicken and chickpeas cooked in a paprika and lime marinade, atop a tahini kale salad. The health low-down: spices like paprika are filled with polyphenols and phytochemicals which allow our bodies to run at optimal health (ignoring those three cocktails we had on Friday evening…). Throwing kale into the mix only makes life better, being part of the brassica family of vegetables makes for a fabulous aid in the body’s natural detoxification! Plus a little bit of cucumber for hydration, this salad left us feeling brand new – goodbye Monday blues.

The salads will be available for our mass consumption in all ten Sydney stores from today through till the end of September (fingers crossed these bad boys become apart of the every day menu).