From Aladdin to Moana, these Disney family favourites are the ultimate stay-at-home movies.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just sit back, relax and indulge in some good old Disney films. We’re talking animated classics as well as a handful of Disney’s newest releases – the very best treat for staying at home. And, thanks to Disney Plus, you’ll have all of this and more – an unlimited access pass to all things Disney.

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To inspire you, we have collated a list of what we think are the best animated Disney movies of all time. Scroll down to discover these top-ranked films, all available on DisneyPlus.

10. Aladdin, 1992

It’s undeniable that Aladdin is a timeless classic; It has recently been re-imagined in a live-action film starring Will Smith (which can also be found on Disney Plus). A streetrat, a princess, an evil sorcerer and a genie. Could there be anything more classically Disney? Set in Agrabah, this is a story of magic, love and power lust. Strap in for many laughs (starring Robin Williams behind the voice of the Genie) and one of the best Disney soundtracks out there (yes, we’re making that claim early).

9. Mulan, 1998

To set the scene, China is threatened by the Huns and all families must send a male to war – enter Mulan. Too clumsy to be ‘wife-worthy,’ and always embarrassing her family, Mulan knows what she must do when her father, who is injured, is expected to go and fight. Mulan, in a very Shakespearean-esque performance, disguises herself as a man, and it is from there that her story really begins.

8. Beauty and the Beast, 1991

One of the very best Disney princesses, in our opinion, is Belle. She is kind, compassionate and obsessed with adventurous stories, which she ironically finds herself in after her father gets lost and injured. Facing talking objects, a beast and a curse, Belle’s compassionate heart might be the only thing that can truly save the one that she loves – and reveal who the true beast is.

7. Frozen, 2013

We all know Let It Go – it became a hit after the movie was released in 2013, and soon there weren’t many who were not singing along to the tune. With the sequel having been released in 2019, the first instalment is still an entertaining watch, as its heartwarming story was one that broke away from the tired Disney stereotypes and embraced the messages of being true to yourself and never giving up on those you love.

6. Peter Pan, 1953

We all know the tale of Peter Pan. With iconic characters such as Wendy Darling, Captain Hook, the Lost Boys and one ticking crocodile, the story is timeless and dearly loved. While you may have seen one of the many adaptations, the original is always a blast to watch.

5. Tangled, 2010

Tangled, released in 2010, was Disney’s modern take on the classic story of Rapunzel, which explores many of the same themes but with a bit more girl power. Tangled also has a heartwarming soundtrack and some truly entertaining moments, and is a light-hearted tale that ultimately teaches everyone how putting others before yourself is the true meaning of love.

4. Moana, 2016

Moana is one of the latest Disney films on this list, and introduced the new Disney princess to the world: Moana. The Polynesian princess is the chief’s daughter and, after being forbidden from exploring the seas, has to fight to save her island. To do this, she must return the heart of Te Fiti, and along the way she meets some interesting characters, specifically the demigod Maui. This film has been very important for the representation of non-white characters, as Disney breaks away from the lack of diversity that has been so present in the past, as well as the evolving portrayal of women in cartoons.

3. The Lion King, 1994

The Lion King is one of best-known and loved of Disney’s animated films. It is another that has been re-made into live-action production in 2019, but the original animation version has one of the best Disney soundtracks that pairs seamlessly with the fantastic storyline (it is an original story, however the filmmakers have said that it was inspired by the lives of Joseph and Moses, from the Bible, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet). So, if you’re after a tale that combines tragedy, villainy, romance and friendship, stop looking.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

The Nightmare Before Christmas combines two great things: Tim Burton (live-action animation extraordinaire) and Disney. This had to be included in the list, as it is a unique, spooky and entertaining film that will make you fall in love with Burton’s impeccable and creative animation work. Luckily, there are quite a few more of the films Tim Burton has directed (Edward Scissorhands, James and the Giant Peach and Alice in Wonderland (2010)) available to stream on Disney Plus, so this is only just the beginning.

1. Tarzan, 1999

Finishing on a swinging-note, Tarzan tops off our list. It is the story of the wild child, Tarzan, who grew up with a troop of gorillas as he was adopted into their family. One day, explorers come across Tarzan and his family, and the story goes from there. An epic soundtrack by Phil Collins, talking animals, a love story and a kooky explorer, Tarzan has everything you need.

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