What’s it like living #theblighlife? 

We’re so proud of the amazing community who have joined together at  Hunter and Bligh – now over 160,000 strong across Australia. Diverse as we are, we’re all connected together by a love of travel, food and drink, and those unforgettable experiences that really do make all the difference. 

Usually, we like to celebrate our members and our community by holding our signature ultimate travel competitions. For these, we hand-curate our favourite destinations across Australia and the world, and lucky winners are selected regularly to go and experience the best we can find. 

But, as travel is on hold right now, we’re doing things a little differently. While our current competition is helping our members enjoy experiences with the degree of flexibility required, we’re also taking a trip down memory lane to catch up with some of our past winners. 

From travel prizes to luxury giveaways, we’ve been lucky enough to treat lots of our Hunter and Bligh members over the years with a next-level experience. 

So, we’ve reached out to some of our past winners to find out how they’re holidays went, and hopefully, give you a little bit of inspiration for what you might get up to and where you might go in future. 

This week, we talked to Karina, who won our Ultimate Escape to Tasmania in 2018. 

“I signed up to Hunter and Bligh around two years ago, and within six months of my first survey, I had won a trip to Tasmania! Amazing!”

Karina's Family in Tasmania.

Karina’s Family in Tasmania. Image supplied by Karina.

“It was a place my husband and I had visited once upon a time, and we had been meaning to visit Tassie again…but this time, with two kids, aged two and four in tow. So winning this trip was very exciting for us.” 

“It has forever been etched in our memories as one of the best driving trips we’ve had within Australia.”

“Having most of the trip paid and pre-booked for us made this one of the easiest trips to organise. We started in Hobart where we ate our way around this charming old seaside city, slurping down local oysters and devouring scallop pies from the Salamanca Markets. We even managed to do a bit of fine dining here with some dining vouchers which were part of our prize.”

Wineglass Bay.

Wineglass Bay. Image supplied by Karina.

“Then, we dropped by Wineglass Bay for a short hike and then headed up to Launceston. We also went along to Cradle Mountain and enjoyed a short hike on the Dove [Lake] track.”

View on a hike in Tasmania

View on a Hike. Image supplied by Karina/

“We visited a lavender farm and tried lavender gelato for the first time.”

“We stayed in some amazing hotels, in central locations with great views and loads of space.”

“We were away for a total of six days and it was one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and memorable trips we have ever taken as a family!”

Road in Tasmania.

Road in Tasmania. Image Purchased.

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