Australia, shake up and smell the coffee!

How do you take your coffee? Is it with a dash of milk? Two sugars? Or do you prefer shaking it up with equal parts of liquor to create your favourite tipple, an espresso martini?

Well, if you do prefer to caffeinate your afternoons with a tipple-infused coffee, be sure to drip into a coffee masterclass this Friday (15 May 2020) hosted by none other than the coffee experts behind Nespresso.

Led by Nespresso coffee ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, this free virtual coffee masterclass aims to help Australians create their bar-worthy Espresso Martini at home using the trusty Nespresso pod.

So whether you’re a self-proclaimed barista or you simply just enjoy your own at-home happy hour, Nespresso’s martini masterclass will have something for everyone. You might even unlock a hidden talent!

Nespresso’s coffee ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, said: “While we’re spending more time at home, there is one thing we can continue to take comfort in every day: great quality coffee.

“Australians have a universal love of coffee – it’s not just a drink, but a favourite morning ritual, a form of socialising, afternoon treat and way to connect with others around you. To help Australians continue to take comfort in their love of coffee, each class will be carefully tailored and designed to provide all the tips you need to make barista-quality coffee at home.”

As part of their newest Barista Creations initiative, Nespresso aims to run one masterclass per week for six weeks – all designed to provide Australians with a moment of enjoyment and indulgence at home. Mitch and the team at Nespresso have already trialled a virtual Coffee Tasting masterclass which allowed coffee lovers to learn everything about their favourite drink all by identifying different blends and flavours. Future Facebook streamed masterclasses include Food and Coffee Pairings, and a guide on how to create gallery-worthy Latte Art.

Nespresso Espresso Martini Masterclass
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Friday 15 May, 4pm
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Nespresso Martini Recipe:

Nespresso Espresso Martini virtual Masterclass. Image supplied

Nespresso Espresso Martini virtual Masterclass. Image supplied


Original: 40mL Firenze Arpeggio pod or Espresso Vertuo: 40mL Altissio pod
60mL quality vodka
15mL quality coffee liqueur
5mL sugar syrup
5 large ice cubes
Coffee beans, coffee grind or fruit zest to garnish


1. Place ice, vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar syrup into a shaker.
2. Extract coffee directly into the shaker as the last ingredient.
3. Place the lid on the shaker and shake hard for 15 seconds.
4. Remove the lid and strain into a separate glass, discarding ice cubes.
5. Add the liquid ingredients back into the shaker and shake vigorously to aerate the crema.
6. Strain into a martini glass. Finally garnish with coffee beans, coffee grind or fruit zest.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a new recipe to try for your morning coffee fix, why not try these two Nespresso coffee recipes:

Chocolate & Chilli Cappuccino
Image supplied.

Chocolate & Chilli Cappuccino

40mL Original Napoli pod or 40mL Vertuo Diavolitto pod
1⁄2 tsp chilli powder
1 1⁄2 tsp Cailler Hot Chocolate Powder
120mL full cream milk

1. Place 1 teaspoon of chocolate powder and half of the chilli powder into a cappuccino cup.
2. Extract coffee over top and mix to combine.
3. Use your milk device/machine to produce the frothiest milk possible.
4. Pour the milk and froth into your glass to the top of the cup.
5. Garnish with remaining chocolate and chilli powder

Iced Latte
Image supplied.

Iced Latte

40mL Origina Ristretto pod or 80mL Vertuo Double Espresso Chiaro pod
30mL ice cubes
100mL full cream milk

1. Place ice cubes into a tall glass.
2. Add cold milk into the glass.
3. Extract the coffee directly over the top.

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