If you’re ready for a scare – at Halloween or year round – then one of these seven best ghost tours in Sydney will be sure to provide you with the fright that you need.

Forget ghost storytelling around the campfire and even those horror films that are just a total bore; if you want to be truly scared, you’ve come to the right place.

Get ready to be so scared that your heart bangs against your ribcage, where beads of sweat trickle down your pulsating temples, where your eyes dart around, anticipating?

And, to help you on your journey in search of a fright sight, we’ve found the seven best ghost tours in Sydney that are well worth the scare!

Do you dare to enter?

<strong>The Rocks</strong>
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The Rocks

The Rocks in Sydney’s CBD is well known for its collection of fancy restaurants, bars and shops. But it also shares a darker side. Armed with a lantern, your tour guide will take you through dim-lit laneways while telling you stories of past ghosts like Ann Walker, whose decomposing body was found in 1831 by two workmen. Titled as one of the best ghost tours in Sydney, this is a must-try on your list. Nightly ghost tours run daily.

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<strong>Q Station</strong>
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Q Station

“Q” stands for quarantine, which makes this usually stunning landmark just a little bit more creepy. Q Station was once a compulsory stop for incoming migrants but is now used as a venue-for-hire and to scare anyone who wishes to enter after dark. Considered as one of the scariest ghost tours in Sydney, Q Station’s ghost tours run regularly, while private bookings can be made in advance.

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<strong>Cockatoo Island</strong>
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Cockatoo Island

Your next Saturday night is now looking a little bit scarier. Instead of another weekend of drinking or playing board games with the kids, why not head out to Cockatoo Island and scare yourself silly – kids included! Discover the secrets, scandals and skeletons of this historical Sydney landmark. Plus, if you’d like to continue on the ghost stories well into the night, you can even stay on Cockatoo Island thanks to their nifty hire campground.

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With a yearly event celebrating the successful search for a dead body (Fisher’s Ghost Festival) it’s no wonder that Campbelltown is on our list. Their tours are not as regular as our previous three spots, so you need to keep an eye on their Facebook page and website. But, thanks to their extensive package options available, it’s well worth the wait!

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<strong>Parramatta Gaol</strong>
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Parramatta Gaol

Suburbs and quarantine stations are scary enough, but gaols? Think of all the macabre stories to be heard! Anxiously step through the history of Parramatta Gaol and hear the stories of past inmates who resided within the halls. Who lived? Who died? Who was killed? And what did they do to land themselves in one of Sydney’s creepiest prisons? Although Parramatta Gaol is considered as one of the best ghost tours in Sydney, we don’t recommend this for children.

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<strong>Blue Mountains</strong>
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Blue Mountains

Stretching from Emu Plains to Mount Victoria, the Blue Mountains has plenty of ghost tours to join, all conducted by Blue Mountains Mystery Tours. They even venture out to Lithgow! There are cemeteries, gaols and police stations to explore, as well as some of Sydney’s famed landmarks like Victoria Pass to creep through. Great for adults and kids alike!

<strong>Maitland Gaol</strong>
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Maitland Gaol

Despite its location, Maitland Gaol is titled as one of the best ghost tours in Australia. So, if you fancy a weekend away, head to Maitland Gaol for their monthly Ghost Hunting 101 tour. Learn the basics of ghost hunting, discover the creepy stories of inmates and officers, then go out on a limb and explore the site for yourself. Get the feel of one of Australia’s most notorious gaol’s that was a top spot to send unruly inmates.

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This article was first published on October 29 2018. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on March 06 2021.